Beanbags “the dream furniture”

Beanbags are the evolution of interior modern furniture. People turned to use bean bags since traditional furniture cannot give them the required need. On the other side, beanbags could serve people’s need what made them most people’s first choice. They are multi-function pieces of furniture that make them flexible; they can be used by all family members starting from babies to grannies; they are eco-friendly; they provide you with the required comfort and the required relaxation mood. People prefer beanbags rather than other furniture  for many reasons

Beanbags are characterized by their flexibility of usage; as they can be used as sofa, bed, floor pillow for family or friends nights; they also can be used to fit both modern and classical furniture; they fit all types of decorations and appear like the main part of each type.

Beanbags are colored and designed to match all tastes, in order to satisfy people’s needs and tastes. Since the elegant taste of the interior décor reflects the owner’s personality and his or her high taste; people started to seek simplicity and comfort; both of the two elements can be found in beanbags.

Types of bean bags are divided into three sections according to shape, size and fill.

Bean bags type according to shape are the rounded, square as the bed, chair-shaped bean bags, and the elongated large bean bags. According to size, there are very small beanbags for babies small for children, medium for teenagers, large for young adults, extra large for adults and double extra large. But for the bean bags according to fill are shredded memory foam bean bag and polystyrene bean bags fill.

Bean bags are easy to be cleaned, as they are made of different cover materials such as cotton, leather, vinyl, chamois and micro-fiber. A warm wet piece of cloth can do it all and renew it for you.

Bean bags are friendly to the environment, as they do not have to cut any trees for them. They are made of foam that is friendly to the environment.

Bean bags are healthy and safe to be used by babies with no worries. As for babies their bean bags come with two covers to allow you to wash them regularly; as for adults bean bags can be used in order to relieve the pain caused by sitting for a long time in front of the computer for working or for studying; They also reduce the neck and shoulders pain; as they are used to save the bent back and fix It; they also reduce a headache because the adjust your body’s position and help the blood flowing process which reduces a headache caused by tension and pressure.

Bean bags can be refilled easily. The fill is available and cheap that anyone could buy it. They use a cut bottle to take some of the foam granules and put them in the bean bag and then you just zip it off to be refilled again

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