Beanbags shapes and designs

Beanbags have become popular in these days modern decorations. They fit any kind of decor. Not only kids who like beanbags, but also adults are attracted to them. Bean bags help you to feel relaxed and comfort at home, work or even at school. They are also used as a medical solution to reduce muscles and joint pain, neck, and shoulders pains and backbone pains. Many people changed to the bean bags for their safety and their comfort. They provide you with the appropriate support to all of your body. They are safe for children and adults. Even doctors have replaced their clinics’ traditional seats with bean bags to ensure their patients’ comfort. Bean bags are cheap, so anyone can have them easily. There are different shapes and designs for bean bags that fit any place and any other types of furniture. They serve the popular taste of both modern and classic furniture.

Types of bean bag according to shape


A Round beanbags

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Round bean bag is the popular type of bean bags. It’s also known as bean bag ball. It is the most desirable types of beanbags. You can use it for fun activities at home or even at school. Children are attracted to that type of beanbags more than the other types. People also use it to rest on while watching their favorite movies.

Elongated large bean bags

This type of beanbags serves the needs related to sleepiness and laziness. beanbags also provide you with a comfortable posture to enjoy reading your favorite book or magazine. It facilitates using your laptop while relaxing and watch your favorite movie. It is large and long; that allows more than one person to enjoy it and relax while doing their favorite activities. It also could be used as a bed or a sofa.

Novelty bean bags

Novelty bean bag can take the shape of anything in kids’ novels and stories, so it is the kids’ favorite kind of bean bags. It brings their favorite animals, shapes flowers and heroes to their own life.

Square bean bags

These bean bags are taking the shape of a cube. It can be used as a chair or ottoman to stretch your leg on. It is an unpopular type f bean bags but it can be found in the markets.

Types of bean bag according to size

Babies and kids bean bags: Those usually come in the small size. Their circumference is about 110-120 cm and 4’6” tall.

Large bean bags: they are made for teenage that fit their bodies and height. The circumference of these bean bags is 130-140 cm and 5’2” tall.

Extra large bean bags: they fit the adults very well, so it’s the most desirable choice for adults. Their circumference is around 140-150 cm.

Double extra large bean bags: those kinds of bean bags are huge in size and tall. They fit the adults who are more than 6’5” tall. Their circumference is around 170-180 cm.

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