Beanbags vs traditional furniture

Beanbags are making a revolution in the world of decoration. They are characterized by the required versatility and flexibility to fit any decor. They can be used at home, school or offices. They add a sort of beauty touch to the place. On the other hand, traditional furniture is widely used everywhere. There are different types of traditional furniture which fit everybody’s personal needs.

سوفا دبل (بين باج)1

Medical importance

Beanbags are used to fix many health problems such as neck pain, rounded shoulders, back pain, muscles and joint pain, headache and all the health problems caused by tension and pressure. They help you to relax and relieve tension and reducing pain. They are recommended by doctors to the patients who suffer from tension problems. As beanbags consist of foam granules that support every inch of your body, which help you to relax and to feel comfortable. They help in cases of those who suffer from insomnia. In contrast, traditional furniture is not able to compete for that level of flexibility. Traditional furniture must be chosen to fit patients’ needs, otherwise, it would be a waste of money and it will reflect on your health badly.

Types of beanbags vs traditional furniture

There are many types of bean bags that support a specific need.

The rounded bean bags are the most popular shape. People use rounded bean bags for lazing in the living rooms while watching tv.

Kids bean bags are used for kids comfort in their rooms or at school.

Lounger bean bags help you to relax. Teardrop bean bags help you to relax and relieve your pain.

cathedral beanbags add warmth to your home for an intimate atmosphere with your partner.

Chair shaped bean bags are used in an office or at home; they fit sitting while working or using laptops.

As for the traditional furniture, it divides into modern, classic and the new classic furniture. Modern furniture fits the soul of the modern age and the future. It is matching with people who look for perfection and elegance. It serves their needs represented in some practical pieces of furniture such as the multi-use pieces. It also reflects the purity and simplicity of its owner. In contrast, the classic furniture is used for showing and expressing the luxury of its owner. It depends on the luxurious furniture using specific colors and kinds of cloth. It is also supported by antiques. Moving to the new classic, it ties both the modern and the classic furniture. It uses the features of both the modern and the classic. It fits people who respect the tradition and at the same time admire modern age developments.

Versatility and flexibility

Bean bags are flexible pieces that fit any place. They could be used as beds and chairs that serve the need at any position. In contrast, traditional furniture is used for specific needs and it cannot be used anywhere. It must be organized carefully.

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