كرسي البين باج


5 pieces of Beanbags that will Change Your Life

Through everyday life’s activities and the tension and pressure that you are exposed to all the time; you must feel pains all over your muscles; sitting for hours on your office chair in order to finish your work is causing much pain; you must have felt exhausted. If you are suffering from the lack of sleep; if you are suffering from back bending, round shoulders or joint and muscles pain; then you need to change your lifestyle; you need to relax because all this pressure is harming your health and damaging your being. Relaxation feel is what we all seek for; comfort and softness are the most wanted feeling after many hours of work; and of course, the sleeping time must be the most comfortable time. You deserve to be entertained with new pieces of furniture that will turn you upside down.



NOON SEDIA beanbags chair

سوفا دبل (بين باج)1

This chair has an elegant shape and colors. It is waterproof and anti-stains. It suits those who always pour drinks or sweet and stinky things; it is also fit with those who have kids and their life is a mess. It is strong, as it has two zippers and two rows of stitches which make it strong enough to resist weight and being cut off easily. It weighs 5 pounds and easy to be moved by anyone.






NOON palla BEANBAG in comfort Leather

If you are seeking a smaller bean bag chair for tv room or gaming room, then you should try this one. It is consists of fun foam that is known as earth-friendly materials that can be recycled.










NOON HULK 6 feet bean bag chair


It works like a bed because it is the same size of a bed. If you are looking for relaxation and comfort then this bean bag chair matches your needs. It is appropriate to people of different ages and sizes. It is provided with a child safety zipper. It has a microfiber cover that can be zipped off and washed in the washing machine. The foam inside of it will conform to your body perfectly to help you relax.









It is a comfy beanbag chair that contains you; as the foam used inside if it is a high-quality foam that is so soft a confront to your whole body to help you to relax and relieving pain. It has children safety zipper. It is big enough to fit people of different ages and sizes. The cover can be cleaned in the washing machine easily.



NOON sofa double person bean bag chair




This one is appropriate for 2 people of all ages and sizes. It has made of high-quality cotton, LEATHER and CHAMOIS cover that lasts for a long time. It can be cleaned by using a damp piece of cloth and wipe the stains and it’s all gone, or you can take the cover off and threw it to the washing machine. It is 12 pounds and easy to be moved from room to another.

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