How to sit properly and use beanbags

If a person does a desk job and uses a computer, he can avoid injury by sitting in a proper position and properly organizing his or her office. Therefore, the following tips should be followed: Back support A person can avoid back pain by adjusting the bean bags that sit on him so that he supports the bottom of his back correctly; properly modified bean bags relieve the pressure on the back

The beanbags must be easily adjustable so that their height, tilt and back position can be changed. The knees should e made at the level of the hips, and the person may need a footrest to do so

Adjustable beanbags the height of the beanbags should be adjusted so that the person can use the keyboard with the arms and wrists in straightening one and at a horizontal level with the ground. This situation can help prevent injuries caused by repetitive work. The elbows should be placed on either side of the body so that the arm forms a letter

Resting feet on the ground the feet should be two feet on the floor; otherwise, the footrest should be us to relax the feet at a comfortable level for the person

It is preferable not to place the lower extremities above each other, this situation can reduce blood circulation, and cause problems in the hip

Screen mode at eye level the screen should be directly in front of the person. For a good vision, the screen is preferred by a person at arm’s length, and the upper part of the screen is almost eye level; to achieve this, a person may need to use a platform

If the screen is too high or too low, the person will have to bend his neck, which is uncomfortable

Use the keyboard You must put the keyboard in front of the person when typing, leaving a distance of about 10 cm in the front of the desk to rest the wrists between periods of keyboard use. Preferably, the wrists should be upright in the use of the keyboard; keep the elbows in a vertical position under the shoulders and the side of the body completely. Some people want to use the wristlets to keep the wrists straight and at the same key level

bean-bags-123Keeping your mouse or mouse close to a person must be placed in the mouse and used as close as possible to the person. The mat or pillow that placed under the mouse with the wrist strap may help keep the wrist upright while avoiding the annoying bending. When a person does not use the keyboard, he or she must remove it and place the mouse in place if the mouse is used too much

Avoid screen reflection the screen should be as low-brightness as possible. If there is brightness on the screen, it is best to put a mirror in front of it to determine the cause. The screen should be placed in a convenient location to avoid reflection of the ceiling lighting and sunlight

If necessary, window curtains can be pulled and ceiling lighting replaced with office lighting. Adjusting screen brightness or contrast can make it easier to use. Working with glasses People who wear bifocals may find them unattractive while working on a computer

It is essential that the person be able to see the screen easily without the need to raise or lower the head. If the person cannot work comfortably with the glasses, he may need another type of glasses. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with the eye specialist if it is confusing

Put things nearby Things that are frequently used during work, such as a telephone or a stapler should put in hand. Frequent twisting or stretching should avoid accessing these objects. Avoid the stress caused by using the phone if the person spends a lot of time on the phone, try to replace the normal handset with the headset; carrying the phone and hugging it between the ear and shoulder time after time can cause strain of the neck muscles

How to sit in a healthy way using beanbags

The right sitting method greatly controls the comfort of your seat and provides you with no back pain. At this point, we will show you the right way to sit and the appearance of healthy sandbags

The way to sit on sandbags is essential when it comes to surviving back pain and bones in general.

When it comes to rest, most of us turn to the nearest thing they find, but the problem comes when it comes to working and sitting for a long time, like jobs that take up to eight hours at least sitting on your desk to do your job, It is thought that such acts are extremely comfortable and far from physical exhaustion. This article will correct your erroneous view and make you aware of the importance of healthy sandbags

Tips and Advice

Before you know what the right position to sit is and the benefits of sandbags, you need to know what the correct posture of the body

He said that the human body has been prepared in a straight position, although sitting is of great importance along the lines of that position, on the other hand, it may be fatal. Some scientific studies have proved that Sitting for a long time, increases the risk of several diseases, including diabetes, or diabetes as is common, overweight liver disease. Sitting on sandbags is an unavoidable task, but if you sit for a long time sitting in an unhealthy way, your body may be expos to a number of unhealthy powers, or to the pressure of your body that is indispensable

What you do unintentionally, or when you are unconscious, may cause you an unprecedented rise in blood pressure

Most of us sit in front of the television while working, or even sleep, in a certain way of sitting, which is to put one foot on the other and may have several pictures, one of them when one of the feet meets the knee joint, and the other picture when you meet at the ankle joint, Elevated blood pressure on one foot significantly increases the other, sometimes causing a clot

On the other hand, may also cause the curvature of the spine, to solve the wrong habit most of us do, unconsciously or even deliberately. “We often urge people to avoid such a habit, or rather to observe only one image: Less harmful than the other image. “To avoid this common habit. It can cause clotting of the arteries or cause the formation of the knee bumps, so we have to use sandbags because the benefits of sandbags are innumerable

bean-bags-120When sitting properly on sandbags, the goal of rest is not limited to your feet and spine only

The comfort of your arms is one of the goals that should also be a focus not only on your spine and on feet. Studies have shown that the correct position of the elbow or elbow is as common as being at 90 degrees or more. This allows your arms to rest more comfortably, especially for the muscles of the hand.

And the nerves as well, especially since the undesirable positions of the wrist may cause chronic diseases of the wrists of the wrist and nerves, including permanent tremor, burning pains only when moving the wrist, in addition to frequent numbness when not moving the hand for a long time, and these diseases are common, especially among users of typewriters or paintings Computer keys And the.

Therefore, when taking the right way to sit, you should take the right positions for each of your feet, spine and arms in a way that does not cause pressure on either the muscles of the joints or nerves, which may cause you serious damage in the long term, especially if you work with computers for a long time You should use sandbags of all types and sizes because they take the shape of the body through the foam filled with sandbags

If you love social relationships especially during work, you should pay attention to your relationship with the sandbags you sit on

Not only that but also your relationship with all the tools you use, from the computer screen to the trash, always remember to invent new, even unconventional, methods to reduce the physical effort you make while you work. Each tool you use deals with For example; your eyes are expos

Daily to excessive stress when you look at the computer screen. To avoid the pressure on your eyes, scientists suggest that you make the middle of the computer screen at the level of your chin and fourteen inches apart, Taking her away makes you take the screen Increase the field of vision, causing the curvature of your spine, leading to frequent feeling of pain in the back area

A large number of vertebrae in the front of the electronic computer screen causes many back pains. In a larger examination of the causes of these pains, the spine consists of several paragraphs separated from each vertebra, and the other is a liquid that minimizes the friction between the dorsal vertebrae.

This may increase the friction between the back vertebrae causing a common disease called “disc”, to avoid such problems you just have to make the screen at the level of your head and the level of your eyes. Hence, all institutions recommend the presence of healthy sandbags to maintain body strength

Try to stay as straight as possible when sitting on sandbags

The best position to sit on sandbags is the position you take when you drive. “For those who do not know the situation, all you have to do is sit back your back, set your foot in a simple curve with your knees, then take the right position for your arms so that Do not squeeze the nerves and muscles of the wrist or elbow as mentioned earlier

This may be the best situation to take when you work, whether you deal with electronic computers, clerical work, etc., will avoid many of the physical problems and daily illnesses you will experience

Your body is not the only one you can adjust

Many beanbags can adjust to fit your body and shape so that you feel more comfortable sitting there. There are beanbags that you can adjust to the height of your height, and the best position to sit comes when your feet are straight on the ground. Position beanbags until both of your thighs are parallel to the floor and desk. If you are long, make sure that the bags of beans on which you sit have two backs, one for the back and the other for the neck so that you avoid the pain of each of them. When sitting for a long time, always keep in mind that the methods of rest and distance from stress you will need to improve the use of methods that make you more comfortable while you work. This will increase your ability to exercise and increase your practical ability that will always help you to work better, achieve more success, and remember the most important things you have. To abide by it always, I work if you are tall, the beanbags with the neck and back litter will be the best solution, and the rest of your eyes are part of your body that needs rest

bean-bags-122The study became good using healthy beanbags

Students who sit for long periods must take the proper situation and can use healthy beanbags by placing the trapezoid or the study desk at a high level close to their body. The beanbags are also low so that the distance between them and the book is close

Do every hour of study and move the muscles of the body, which helps to increase the pumping of blood circulation in the joints and paragraphs and prevents the occurrence of muscle tension and full comfort on beanbags

The right way for a child to sit at home is not to stretch your child on the ground or tilt his head while completing homework at home because it hurts his back. Therefore, the baby should sit on the healthy beanbags of the right size for his body. As the seating method mentioned above. At home, you should allow your child to walk from time to time at home to better maintain his spine

The function of beanbags in the living room is to rest the person sitting there. Therefore, it is best to be stuff with sponge, foam and soft feathers, and to suit the movement of the body, to find in cotton or velour cloth. For durability, preferably be made of beech or plywood. For the Morden room, it is preferable to buy elegant beanbags, the soft cloth rolls, away from the pits and decorations are suitable.

On the other hand, when the beanbags play the role of the separator between two areas, they have a low back and colorful colors match the colors of the beanbags

Hence, we find that many factories began to design bean bags according to the decorations of houses and gardens and also shops, clubs and cafeterias and the presence of a lot has helped spread throughout the world, although we focus on the forms of fun, but it provides us with long sessions healthy for both our children or adults for Sit properly during the study and other occasions

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