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How can you recycle your beanbags?

Beanbags are alternative pieces of furniture that have become the latest trend in the world of modern interior design. They are recommended for their variable benefits. Doctors started to use bean bags for their clinics to help patients relieving their pains. Beanbags are multi-usage pieces that are filled with different kinds of fills such as shredded memory foam, expanded polystyrene (EPS), expanded polypropylene (EPP), microbeads, natural fills, and other fills. Beanbags can be used instead of beds, sofa, chairs, and pillows.


People tend to replace their traditional furniture with beanbags for:

Multi-usage pieces:

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Beanbags have proved that they are important pieces of furniture that can be used to serve different needs for everybody. Considering bean bags as multi-usage pieces, people have been attracted to them to solve their many problems. Beanbags can be used instead of the bed in bedrooms to provide you with a joyful time of relaxation. They could be used instead of a sofa to gather the whole family or for friends sleeping parties. They also improve the intimate moments between partners and among family members.

Decorative features:

The beanbag is a very effective solution for the saving space in the limited places. They are practical pieces of furniture that are very effective in usage. They could be used as a decorative piece that takes your decoration to another higher level. Especially those made of fake fur; they add a luxurious touch to your modern décor. Your choice of the bean bag and the way you use it tells a lot about you and reflects on others impression about you.

Storage box:

Beanbags could also be used as a storage box in order to store things that are unused for now. In this way, bean bags save space and help you to avoid your place to be messy.

Pain reliever:

Beanbags are recommended by doctors for their various medical benefits. Their fills are causing a medical and practical solution for those who suffer from neck pains, backbone pains, knees and legs pains, muscles and joint pains. Their special fills support the whole body and muscles by taking the shapes of anything on it. They are also helping those who suffer from a strong headache by organizing their blood system to flow smoothly without causing pain in the head.

How can you recycle your beanbag?

Have you ever thought of the recycling idea before? What happens if you are no longer in need of your bean bag? How can you get benefits from? It is a matter of creation. You need to unleash your mind and let it go outside the box in order to find the perfect solution of the bean bag recycling ideas.

The first step of the recycling process is to identify what this fill can be used for. Then you should decide what to do next. Here is some info about bean bag different fills:

Polystyrene and polypropylene beans:

They are used as bean bags fill. They are lightweight to make it easy for the bean bag to be movable. They provide you with the comfort you need. They are also less expensive than other fills. They can also be recycled easily.

Shredded memory foam:

This fill is a high-quality fill that ensures you the best feeling of comfort and relaxation. It is easy to be shaped like your body. This fill is also lightweight which makes it easy to be ported from one place to another.

Natural fills:

Some people you real natural fill such as dried beans, rice, peppers, and wheat. They use a mix of natural dried fills and polystyrene fills in order to feel close to nature.

Other fills:

Some people use other fills such as chunked papers, plastic cases, old clothes, some chopped sponges or whatever can be used as a fill. This fill is less expensive and available for anyone.

Then you can decide according to your bean bag fill what ideas might work with you effectively. And here are some ideas to help you, but do not let this to stop your mind from imagining. Turn your mind on to think outside the box and find new ways to recycle your own beanbag.

Some ideas for beanbag recycling:

Kids toys:

You can use the beanbag fill to fill other kids’ toys such as teddy bears and homemade toys and dolls. You can use the shredded memory foam or the polystyrene foam, as they have the ability to get back to their first shape.


Use the beanbag fills to fill different shapes of pillows and add some creative shapes of pillows as a decorative idea. They are suitable for kid’s bedrooms and teenagers’ bedrooms; because they are fond of different shapes of pillows. They are going to like them.


Some people with artistic talents are using the foam of the fills to do some artworks and use them as decorative ideas.

Fill other furniture:

Save the foam of the old beanbag to fill other furniture that you might need for later.

Resell it on the online stores:

You can resell them on the internet and get the benefit of the money and let other to get the benefit of the old bean bag.

Give it to someone:

If you do not need your beanbag anymore, you can give it to someone who really needs it.

Give to a recycling center:

You can call any recycling center that is near you; they know the best ways to use the old beanbags.

Make other beanbags:

You can turn the old beanbag into a whole new one using the same materials

Storage box:

You can use your old beanbag as a practical storage space that can save space for you. All you have to do is to zip up the zipper and put your old stuff or unwanted things to be saved for the time that you need them again.

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