How To Make Simple Handicrafts

Handicrafts were invented by housewives for many years but we don’t actually know how many years they are, housewives all around the world were seeking to benefit from everything available at home, and they were making something out of nothing, one of the things that they used to do is they would bring used plastic boxes in order to implant flowers and plants, they would also decorate and paint the plastic boxes to look attractive.

So in this article, you are going to learn how to make some different handicrafts, all you should do is to follow up these steps to make them perfectly and attractively.

Handicrafts, Make a Mosquito net using a reel woolen Thread

1- You need to bring a reel of a woolen thread, adhesive, it is much better to use silicone, and get a deep bowl in order to empty all the adhesive in it, then bring the reel of the woolen thread and unwind it and dip it in the adhesive and leave it for a couple of minutes in order to fully absorb the adhesive.

2- Meanwhile you need to blow up the balloon and fasten it tightly, bear in mind that the balloon size you have just blown up will determine the size of the lamp cover, if you want you a big-sized cover of a lamp then you should blow up the balloon until it becomes bigger in size in order to be suitable to attract you.

3- After the reel of woolen absorbs the adhesive, take the tips of thread in order to affix them to the balloons, you should roll the woolen thread cross-linked and intertwined in order to cover a big space of the balloon, and then leave it to dry for one night.

4- After doing it, you should empty the oxygen out of the balloons, then you will find a thread ball, then make a small hole in the thread ball in order to get rid of the balloons, install the thread ball in the lamp of the mosquito net through the rounded hole in order to get a new lamp cover with the cheapest costs.

Make Boxes To Restore Grains

1- You need different sizes of glass boxes and different colors and colored cane threads you can swap it with colored pigment or adhesive, at the beginning wash the glass boxes carefully and then leave them to dry, use a paintbrush in order to glue the adhesive on the outer surface of the glass box.

2- Then roll the colored cane threads or the colored pigment around the glass box with constant pressing on the threads in order to facilitate the process of affixing it, it’s preferable to leave the top of the box empty so that it’s easy to distinguish the type of the stored grains inside

3- But it is preferable to glue the cover of the box with the adhesive, and then you should spirally roll the threads on the outer surface and inside it, leave it to dry and when it is dry, you can easily restore the different grains in the big glass box, or you can put the spices in the small glass boxes.

Easy And simple Handicrafts

It is possible to make a lot of easy and simple handicrafts at home because handicrafts give an amazing impression when the home is decorated with them, especially in children’s room, these handicrafts don’t need a lot of expensive materials and tools to make them because it is very easy to make them by bringing some available materials at your own home which are also not being used a lot.

There are some things that you can make handicrafts out of them such as papers, in this article we will talk about some simple handicrafts that you can easily make them at home with the cheapest costs.

Make A Vase Out Of Glass Flasks 

Tools You Will Need

  • A glass flask.
  • unmeltable Colors in the water (paint or stable colors)
  • An injection.

How To Make It?

1- Put the unmeltable colors, use the injection in order to sip some of the colors, put the colors in the bottle by using the injection not to soil the nozzle of the bottle.

2- Spread the paint in the bottle by shaking it up until the paint spreads all over it, stir the bottle until the paint reaches all over the bottle in order to get rid of the excess paint which is inside the bottle, you should make sure that the paint has reached the bottleneck fully.

Make A Scented Candle Shaped As Heart 

Tools You Will Need

  • Vertical Wax.
  • Aromatic oil with your favorite smell.
  • Glass template shaped like a square.
  • A coffee-pot.
  • Butter papers.
  • A sprayer for spraying the oil.
  • A hairdryer.
  • A Heart-shaped cutter.
  • Candlewick.

How To Make It?

1- Bring butter papers, spray it with oil in order to facilitate removing the wax from the template, and then put the wax in the coffee-pot, and put the color and the smell you have chosen, then spill the wax on the butter papers and then leave it to cohere.

2- Then shape the wax as hearts using the heart-shaped cutter, take the hearts away from the wax and use the hairdryer to cool them, and then put the wax in the template slowly, then put the wick down to install wax, melt the rest of the wax, and put the color and the smell, thereafter add the wick to it.

Make A Pen Box Using Cardboard 

Tools You Will Need

  • Cardboard
  • A pair of scissors
  • Colored
  • Glue or adhesive

How To Make It?

1- Scissor the cardboard shaped like a square, and then you should cover the cardboard with colored papers using glue or adhesive, you can choose your favorite colors.

2- Roll the cardboard shaped like a circle, you should affix the edges of it using the glue, now you have made your new pen box, is not it difficult, I don’t think so.

Make Stockings At Home 

Things You Will Need 

  • A pair of scissors.
  • Chalk with your favorite color.
  • A pullover.
  • A tape measure

How To Make It?

1- Determine the length of the stockings you want using the tape measure, and then mark it with chalk, scissor the sleeves that you have determined their length by using a pair of scissors, we use these stockings to put it on the short shoes in order to give a nice and an attractive appearance.

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How To Make Handcrafts. Very Simple

Handicrafts allow you to benefit from the unusable stuff, you can make beneficial things out of them to benefit from them daily, as you can save your money instead of buying new stuff you need, because it’s easy to make them by your hand, it depends on your style, you need to follow up these steps that are going to help you know more about handicrafts.

How to make handicrafts


Candles became one of the useable decorations and accessories at homes significantly, as they add a relaxing romantic atmosphere to home, so you can benefit from the transparent glass container, such as pickles boxes and others long story short any transparent jar.

Don’t empty them, you can wait until you finish off the pickles or whatever the thing is, then you can transform them to be attractive and distinctive candleholders, and then decorate the living room corners and the home corners with them.

 Required Materials

  • A number of empty transparent glass jars/boxes.
  • A wide tape.
  • A color spray with one of your favorite colors.
  • Wide thread.
  • A pair of scissors or a blade.

How to Make it

1- You should paste tape crosswise on one of the glass jar/box corners, mark a clear big circle and a square by the blade with getting rid of the excess parts of the tape.

2- Spray the box/jar fully with the selected color, and then leave it to dry completely, thereafter take the tape off of the box/jar, and fasten the upper part of the box/jar by the wide thread with a beautiful knot.

3- Fill the box/jar with water until the lower part of the transparent box/jar, then light a candle and leave it to swim on the surface water.

Key Holder 

There are a lot of people suffering from finding the keys of the house and cars because there is no an available place to save them, it is possible to get rid of this problem by making a nice key holder, in addition to its ease of hanging them in anywhere as a wall decoration.

 Required Materials

  • A tennis ball.
  • Rubber paste print.
  • Glue.
  • Black ink pen.
  • A sharp scalpel

How To Make It

1- You should open the tennis ball horizontally by the sharp scalpel; the length of the whole should not exceed 3 cm, install the rubber paste print in the middle of the corresponding part of the tennis ball using the glue, and then leave it to dry.

2- Mark the hole as it’s the mouth of the key holder, then draw eyes and a nose above it, if you want to put one more print on the tennis ball, install the tennis ball on the wall, then put the keychain inside the hole of the ball.

hand craft 8How To Make A Makeup Bag

It’s not easy to find a makeup bag that can fulfill your needs to pack all of your makeup products meanwhile has an elegant appearance, so we decided to help you know the easiest way to make a makeup bag by yourself at home follow up these steps.

The Tools You Will Need To Make a Makeup Bag

  1. Thread
  2. A zipper
  3. Cloth with your favorite color
  4. Linen cloth
  5. A tape measure.

How to make a makeup bag

1- Lay out the two pieces of cloth on the top of each other, and then start to take the measures of it depending on your desire.

2- Put marks on the distances you want, and then start to cut the cloth.

3- Fold the edges of the cloth in order to eventually give you the shape of the makeup bag.

4- Then install the zipper in the middle, thereafter start to sew all the edges.

5- Now you’re done making

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How To Make Handicrafts For Kids

Sometimes the children like to help their teacher at school to make a lot of easy handicrafts, that help them be much smarter, and it helps them to come up with new ideas, it develops the abilities of hand-arm muscles in addition to enjoying while making handicrafts by yourself, as the mom can easily teach her kids how to make new handicrafts in order to contribute in enhancing her children’s knowledge.

How To Make Handicrafts For Kids

Before you start making handicrafts, you should care about your child’s safety procedures, don’t make them use sharp tools that might cause damage to them while helping you.

Case Pencil

You can help your child make a beautiful pencil case which is beneficial for them as well so that they can store up his/her pens and rulers pencils in it, instead of scattering them everywhere

Tools You Will Need

A metal or a plastic box in addition to adhesive, colored papers, a small pair of scissors it is better not to be that sharp, it’s preferable to use an old pair of scissors in order to avoid sharpness

Make your child choose his/her favorite colors from the colored papers, then he/she should start to scissor the colored papers like small and middle sizes, then he/she should glue them by using the adhesive on the outer surface of the box, you can add a poster on the pencil case maybe like a photo of your kid, after it’s done then he/she can store up the stuff.

Preparing A Gift

There are many children want to prepare a gift in order to give it to their mom for example on the mother’s day or even her birthday, you can help these kids to do this by bringing these tools

Tools You Will Need

  • A cylindrical candle
  • a colored ribbon
  • in addition to adhesive

How To Make It

Paint the candle with the adhesive, then you should roll the colored ribbon around the candle, thereafter leave it to dry, it is possible to decorate the candle with a number of colored stones


 Bunny Face Bag

You can help your child make a small bag in order to store up his/her candies, and small stuff all you need to bring to make this bag is these stuff

Tools You Will Need

  • Three flat plastic dishes
  • A pair of scissors
  • A stapler
  • A colored ribbon

How To Make It

You must scissor the upper part of one of the plastic dishes, collect the dish you have just scissored with another dish so that their edges can match together, then you should staple both of the dishes together from all sides except the scissored part.

Install the colored ribbon on the two outer edges in order to be the holder of the bag, you can get two ears by using the third dish, then you must staple them on the upper part of the bag, and then you can get the full dish in order to draw the eyes and the nose and everything that belongs to the bunny’s face

5 وحدات إضاءة منزلية يمكنكِ صنعهم بنفسك

Handicrafts With steps

Handicrafts differ from the used materials, it’s the best ever because of its beauty and how much it’s important to be a part of the home decoration, handicrafts are made by your hands and some other simple tools that help to make them as well, there is another type of handicrafts that has expensive tools, we have just invented some handicrafts that you can make them as well, just give it a shot.

Today you are going to learn how to make some new handicrafts with the cheapest costs which are very easy to make them as well, some of the women and girls have some spare time which they waste sometimes, and you don’t have to waste it but you should use it by making something beneficial.

Layers of circular shelves 

it’s easy to find a bunch of empty milk boxes in case if you have a baby at home, I think these empty boxes are unusable, you can also collect a bunch of yogurt boxes that have big sizes or any other type of plastic and the metal boxes, you can exploit these boxes in order to make layers of circular shelves, or you can benefit from it by keeping and saving the home items.

  • A bunch of circular boxes with a suitable size and identical.
  • adhesive
  • A small brush
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A tape or some of the colored papers depending on the numbers of the boxes
  • A pair of scissors
  • White glue
  • a small paintbrush
  • some screws

hand craft 6How To Make It

1- Wash the circular boxes carefully, and then leave it to dry, remove any rolled covers from the circular boxes by using the paintbrush, and then paint the internal wall of the boxes with the white glue, and then leave it to dry completely, repaint them again from inside, in case if you did not get the clear white color.

2- Using the ruler helps you measure the height of the boxes, using the pencil determines the length of the box on one of the outer edges of the cardboard, with making long extensions for it from both tips, in order to get a rectangular equals the width and the height of the boxes, with length that can reach the end of the Colored Masking tape.

3- Determine the corners of the home where you will install the shelves, by using the nailer, install the first box on the tip of the flooring corners, in order to affix its bottom to the wall, and then install two boxes beside the first box, in order to make all of them on the first shelf of the shelves

4- Install three other boxes among the corners of the first shelf in order to shape the second shelf, repeat doing this process until you finish off the boxes, or reach the suitable height


Advantages of beanbags

Advantages of beanbags

All these features will find only in the “bean bags” bag, a fiber bag filled with fiber, which has become a strong trend in home decor, has become available with a wide range of attractive colors and sizes to accommodate the entire family

It is a great solution for the casual style as “bean bags” chairs are what you are looking for.

Features a convenient and multifunctional feature, ideal for any place like bedrooms, living room and play areas. If you are looking for a plain sandbag chair or a traditional model suitable for adults and children, play PlayStation and watch movies

Beanbags are suitable for use in almost all rooms of the home, including the living room, bedroom or children’s room. It is also comfortable and soft, ideal for comfort and relaxation, especially if you are watching movies, reading or playing

Features: Yes sand health

Suitable for adults and children

Easy to carry and clean and fits anywhere

Adds a gorgeous and contemporary look to your home

Waterproof material

High quality, international brands, very “competitive” prices

Lining, so that the cap can be removed and washed periodically

Beanbags seats are a great option when furnishing children’s rooms. Where they are available in a variety of bright colors and our collection of children’s benches provides a fun and lively touch to the play area or their rooms

You can buy beanbags for children online and add a fun and lively dimension to the children’s corner. Healthy beanbags should not always be in the form of cubes or seeds. Our wide range includes benches with fruit designs, animals and other fun shapes. Bright and colorful products give energy and unique touch to the room. You can use them in bedrooms, playrooms, study or even outdoors

These cheerful seats combine elegance, comfort, and practicality. Children like to throw themselves on beanbags seats and enjoy video games. In the nursery, these seats help their animal-shaped designs to learn in a fun way. Children can learn everything about fruits through beanbags in the form of fruit such as bananas and melons. Another innovative use of these seats is to play musical chairs with them. The beanbags seats in the children’s rooms will inevitably draw smiles on their faces

bean-bags-15Beanbags seats are made of different materials that are durable and easy to take care of. Healthy beanbags made of polyester are waterproof and can be used outdoors. These seats are also available in high quality to ensure strength and durability. Like other furniture, sandbag seats can be protected from dust, humidity and dry weather using a beanbags seat cover

Buy healthy beanbags for children online

Choose from our wide range of beanbags for children and buy them online. Details are determined such as weight and dimensions so you can easily choose from products for sale. We provide beanbags for children to all places

Steps to work beanbags

Choose the types and colors of the fabrics you prefer, you can work between one or two colors

Place the clothes on their backs so that each face faces the other

Bend the two pieces of cloth horizontally, and then cut one of the non-simulated edges a small 2 cm and a half in a curved shape as in the pictures below. Sew the third party, and then put the two former sewing in the previous step to give you the shape of the beanbags shown in the pictures.5 – the clouds of simple things that will facilitate the process of opening and closing the bag to clean the cloth for example, so I hook it at the open end. 6. Now it is time to fill sandbags with small foam rollers. You can use someone so that you can stick balls inside the bins and clogs. In these steps, you have comfortable beanbags made by your hands at home with simple steps, and you can use them on Double-sided if you choose two colors of cloth

The international decor and design experts found that healthy beanbags could be a source of elegance, beauty, harmony, and integration with nature if used and ideally used for cosmetic purposes within the home

The beanbags material has high rigidity and infinite elegance. It is also easy to clean, resistant to scratches, various weather conditions, humidity, and heat insulation and lasting for long years with the same brightness.

The forms and types of beanbags that can be used in the house are varied so that they give strength and beauty to the overall design even if their presence is limited to a small space within the house as one of the corners or corners of the fireplace, for example, or in an architectural separation between wall and wall or in the living room or one of its parts.

If mixed with other materials, they appear more beautiful and elegant because of their high ability to harmonize with raw materials such as wood and metal, which gives a special elegance that gives the house more luxury

Beanbags are great uses to make the houses and the interior and the exterior, in addition to its role in enriching and enriching the designs. Beanbags into a fortress or fort transform the building, which includes the ancient heritage in an innovative gown

And the use of beanbags inside should be subject to the basic requirement is harmony with the house model, it does not seem to be in it but present with a beautiful aesthetic, and many are the internal designs that can be used beanbags in it can be used in different areas of the house most notably the entrance, Dining room, gym or gym, plus kitchen and bathroom. Beanbags recommended in bedrooms and children’s rooms.


Office staff and students often suffer from back pain and a feeling of heaviness and stiffness in the legs, due to sitting and holding in one position for long periods. To overcome this problem, some international furniture designers have designed modern, sand-resistant, modern beanbags to keep the back healthy

The German expert Detlev Dieter said that studies have shown that the person spends 9.3 hours per day sitting on beanbags at home, office or school, warning that sitting for long periods causes damage to human health, “because it leads to stress the body in general.” Of the German firm of the “good back” in the city of Solingen, the lack of design beanbags, which are sitting on them, commensurate with the size of each body and does not allow also move easily while sitting on, which affects the positive back and lead to a sense of comfort

German expert Dieter Breaker of the German Society for Standing and Movement Support notes that the lack of movement during sitting causes disturbances in the metabolism of fat, leading to most modern diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease

“Sit should not sit rigidly for long periods, but it is preferable to move while sitting,” he said. “If sitting is preferable, it is preferable to work with the body and prevent spasms, on completion

Sit healthy beanbags

It is true that the designs of high-quality beanbags have significantly modified to apply the dynamic seating principle of sandbags by providing mechanisms to move the body in all possible directions while sitting. However, this type of beanbags is very expensive due to its sophisticated design

This problem has plagued many of the world’s most famous furniture designers, prompting them to create new-style beanbags in the world of seat design, allowing the back to move while sitting on them, but at no extra cost

To achieve this principle, the talented designers presented a new seat with the name of bean bags

The factory did not use expensive beanbags and focused only on the shape, allowing easy movement during sitting

This has already achieved thanks to the round seating surface, which provides a lot of freedom of movement to the pelvic area while sitting and allows you to move in all directions while sitting on it. Healthy, flexible, and curved back beanbags provide more freedom of movement when sitting on this seat

Despite the simple design of healthy beanbags, it is one of the seats that have been able to achieve the principle of movement during sitting recommended by health experts for long periods without expensive costs, the design of simple beanbags as a seat reserved for schools only, so committed to not exec Specific costs

Healthy beanbags were also developed

This seat consists of a single foam mold and has the potential to tilt its chassis base forward; so those who sit on it can tilt forward without falling off. Of course, this tilt potential has great health benefits, limiting the pressure on the back

You should choose between a good quality bag and how much time you will spend throughout your life. You should pay attention to qualities such as size, practicality, longevity, elegance, and comfort before investing in a new bag. Otherwise, you will find yourself wasting time and money with a product that is not suitable for you. Telegraph set tips from experts to choose the perfect page for you

The size of the beanbags

If you buy beanbags compared to the size of the room you will feel that the room is narrow, so if you live in a small space you have to buy a low- so that the room space looks larger than Even if you live in a relatively large living room, you should think about the space you want to occupy between beanbags j, and do not forget to have other items of furniture such as coffee tables, TV, cupboards, and other chairs. If you buy a huge bag you will find that you do not have space For other furniture items, you should think about what you plan To do between a be beanbags gem, the one you plan to use as a birch you should choose between a long bag beanbags e fit your body comfortably no matter how comfortable it is with the living room

Operation of the beanbags

You should think about your daily use between beanbags and Georgia Metcalfe, a French bedroom company, explains that the process is essential when buying any furniture. “Because I have two children, I always think about the process when it comes to furniture for family rooms in the house.”If you have pets, you should avoid some fabrics such as wool and silk. You can search for pet-friendly fabrics such as leather or viper, and you should consider those who expected to sit down. On-badge-special either they were a big family or you were the kind of person who enjoyed entertainment, so you should have a big bag with three seats, for example, to be more comfortable.

Longevity of the beanbags

When you buy a bag, you should think about its longevity. Beanbags may be a huge investment so it is important to choose a kind of good-looking b beanbags am and live for a long time. To check the durability of beanbags, you should check whether it has a powerful content framework Foam and not the sponge, and I advise you to ask yourself an important question: Will I still love these beanbags within the next 5 years? You will be very comfortable, “Georgia recommends when buying a long-lasting bag you should look at the foam frame and do not forget to ask about the fabric, then you would buy a beanbags from the fabric and not the skin you should ask about the friction test rate, 40 thousand to ensure that the tissue wears off quickly

bean-bags-13The elegance and comfort of the beanbags

You should check the elegance of your beanbags shape as you would use it in the near future so you should make sure you like its look and add a mental cliff. “I look forward to choosing between beanbags that reflects my personal style and the way I will use it. I love to drink wine and tea with friends. But I also like to relax in the evening, and the Velvet is the winner when it comes to comfort, it’s soft and warm on the skin all year round, “said Charlie Marshall.” beanbags, stuffed with good-quality foam combines comfort and practicality, Comforts

beanbags are no longer just a sitting room in the living room, but a staple for many who use it to sleep rest and lie down at naptime or in front of the television, so it must be chosen very carefully

One of the most striking features of Bain Bag is that it does not contain sharp corners, which are not suitable for children at home, especially since these bean bags will be a refuge for adults and children at the same time

You should choose between a bag that contains a cloth that is easy to clean, as it is possible that the juice or any drink on it, so it is preferred to be easy to clean

“Healthy bean bags” are once again used


Healthy bean bags” are once again used as an ideal solution to relax with modern and practical materials

Healthy bean bags

Do you dream of a comfortable and light chair that ensures you relax in the living room? All these features will find only in the beanbag chair, a fiber bag filled with fiber, which has become a strong trend in home decor, has become available with a wide range of attractive colors and sizes to accommodate the entire family

Healthy Bean Bags are suitable for use in almost all rooms of the home, including living room, bedroom or children’s room. It is also comfortable and soft, ideal for comfort and relaxation, especially if you are watching TV

That the “bean bags” regained popularity again after the improvement of design and materials, such as polyurethane and fiber, and improve the standards of safety, and returned to the families to buy after being avoided for fear of their children, and is compatible with modern furniture, as well as classical classic, In addition to helping to relax, it helps to relieve back and neck pain

The “bean bags” are usually available in 4 forms of “teardrop”, “cylinder”, “cushioned chair” and “ball.” The latter is the most popular form, suitable for both young and old. More suitable for relaxation as it allows you to stretch your legs on them

“Beanbags” are also available in a variety of fabrics, although vinyl is the most common, easy to clean but uncomfortable like cotton or fur. However, beanbags should choose with a lining so that the cover can be removed and washed Cyclic

Make your home more comfortable beanbags

The Bean Bag or bean chairs or stuffed chairs, whatever their name in the shops, is a fashion that has recently spread as an elegant and comfortable decoration for homes, offices, and gardens

Anyone looking for relaxed moments in their office, home, or chalet has to think of these cushioned chairs for moments of rest

The Bean Bag or the practical decoration piece for all sides is useful when relaxing physically and use in family meetings and toys, as it is suitable for all places with different colors and attractive classic design

These chairs have become a lifestyle for some, perhaps because they are easy to use and available in shapes, types, and sizes suitable for all ages and use and perhaps because they are actually very comfortable and practical


Bean Bags or bean chairs are good filler that varies according to the place of purchase. Some use hard grain, while others use less hard materials such as fiber, but their only drawback is that they fll quickly

These bean chairs have a strong trend in home decor, has become available with a wide range of attractive colors and sizes to accommodate the entire family

It is suitable for use in almost all rooms of the house, whether living room, bedroom or children’s room, comfortable, soft, and ideal for rest and relaxation, especially if you are watching TV or reading

These chairs are suitable for modern furniture, classic and classic, and characterized by helping to relieve back and neck pain

Healthy beanbags are usually available in 4 forms of “teardrop”, “cylinder”, “chair” and “ball”. The latter is the most popular, suitable for both young and old. Allows you to extend your legs on them

BINAGAG is available in a variety of fabrics, although vinyl is the most common, easy to clean, although not as comfortable as lumbar or fur. However, it is preferable to choose between a pug with a lining so that the cover can be removed and washed periodically

The outer cover of bean curds is made of leather, fur or velvet. By design. In addition, the fact that it is a Western fashion in the first place, some shops give them the eastern character through the fabrics used in which the Arabic fonts and forms or oriental themes

The Bean Bag can be clean easily by wiping the outer cover with water, a cleaner or with a dry cloth

Also of the advantages of these chairs is that when cleaned can be easily refilled. They are lightweight and can even be carried by children, and they are undoubtedly comfortable for the body in all its conditions

The Bain Bag offers a variety of modern designs, which acquire shapes and colors suitable for your home decor there are many shops that sell these chairs online or in different shops

Careful use of chairs with soft padding for children so as not to spoil quickly, put the chairs in the skin cover in a good place where they can be ventilated, clean them without the use of chemical powders. You are entitled to enjoy relaxing moments with the Beanbags

Beanbags simple product provides you comfort after a hard day

Beanbags have become a new fashion, especially among the young people to get married. Many people are keen to buy it in the home furniture. Especially bright colors and materials make it easy to carry and you can move around the house. You can also choose the color that matches the room furniture. You want to place it

Healthy beanbags between bright colors and lightweight

It is often when you watch television. It is ideal for relaxation and comfort and has the versatility. Lightweight is also good for him. It is made of fabric stuffed with fiber pellets

There are some types that use the leather material so that it is easy to clean, live, bear and live longer, and its bright and brilliant colors make it an ideal thing for furniture and classic furniture

Healthy beanbags become safe for children:

The problem is that the beanbags were in the materials that make them, the materials that make these days’ safer and safer materials for the health of children. Parents no longer fear the health of their children. The materials that currently manufactured are polyurethane and fiber, thus improving the safety and security standard. Surprisingly, bean bags can ease back and neck pain

“Healthy bean bags” are currently the most important and important pieces in your home, and make you change the decor in a beautiful and fast and provide a good space in the house, it does not take much of it, and it is characterized by different shapes and wonderful, Bags of beans “at home without the trouble and at a small cost without the need to buy and properly to

The tools you will need to make beanbags at home

A sewing machine or needle and a thick thread if you are good at knitting

Steps of working bean bags

Choose the types and colors of fabrics you like, you can make bags of beans in one color or two colors

Put the two pieces of cloth on their backs so that each face to the other

Knit the two opposite sides and try to use a narrow stitch so as not to easily dislodge due to great pressure

fold the two pieces of cloth horizontally, and cut from one of the edges of the nation – simulated small part of a width of 2 cm and a half in a curved manner as in the pictures and then national sewing third party, and then put the two former sewing in the step before each other to give you the form of bean bags health

The zippers will make it easier for you to open and close the ping bag to clean the cloth, so hook it in the open end, and then close the cloth to the face

Finally, the water between the small foam rollers and the zippers

The advantages of chairs, air or inflatable beds or bags of beans and the most important types

Some feel uncomfortable when using the family and traditional chairs in a siesta or relaxing to read or watch television because they restrict the body and cannot be relaxed. There are many adjustments and developments in the furniture to provide more comfort. In addition, furniture manufacturing materials

With this continuous development, furniture and home decor is developing day by day, and there are other themes and disappearances, and people always look for elegance, comfort, and fun for them and their children, and this development has recently emerged so-called “bean bags” and popular among people especially for young people and the next Is a chair, a family and some of the other pieces used in the houses but it is pneumatic and inflatable, and has spread greatly because of its elegant shape and because it occupies a small space of the place and is very comfortable and helps to relax, and bean bags practical and easy to clean and lightweight, ease In-house mobility is also highly flexible.

Bean bags are not only used on homes but are also used in gardens, pool areas, and group workplaces


After the emergence of the coffee bag, it has spread widely in the Arab and international markets where it is available in many attractive colors and different sizes to suit all tastes, it is suitable for any kind of home decoration, which seems consistent in the home, whether furniture classic or otherwise, One of the advantages of coffee bag is that it is not limited to one place in the house, where it can be used in any room and for different purposes such as watching TV or siesta or browsing from mobile

Consisting of healthy bean bags

Beanbags are made from a canvas bag of any kind (jeans, fur, velvet, etc.), preferably, in cloth bags when purchasing beanbags. This affects the comfort of the occupants in terms of seating and cleanliness. Sometimes the skin used instead of the cloth because it is easier to clean, and the bags of beans filled inside with fiber pellets or foam balls. The reason for being comfortable is that the grains shaped like the body when sitting on it are a great alternative to the traditional chair.

Some people were initially afraid of using bean bags For the lack of confidence in the validity of the materials used in the manufacture, especially on the health of Children, but it took into account the factories producing milk Badge this concern as interested quality material factory, including bean bags so do not pose any harm to human and children’s health in particular

Types of health bean bags

Double Chairs: Suitable for trips and camping as they include a chair and a sofa

Portable Sofa: It is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere

Bean Bags Seat: Features a straight backrest, comfortable and suitable for family and semi-formal settings

Inflatable chair: It is characterized by the fact that it does not occupy a small size and it is suitable, comfortable for children, and suitable for leisure and hiking places

Inflatable airbag: Can be carried easily outside the home and suitable for outdoor accommodation

Folding chair: Double use as a seat and a single-use bed that can use in children’s bedrooms

The healthy beanbags are widely accepted and widespread in recent times. They are comfortable and can be used in small places in the home. They are available in various forms, including chairs or beds, including ice cream, donuts, or even a piece of The Cake

Choose the types and colors of the fabrics you prefer, you can work between a bag in one color or two colors

Put the two pieces of cloth on their backs so that each face faces the other

Now comes the time of knitting, national sewing opposite sides and I try to use a narrow stitch so as not to stop easily due to great pressure

Bend the two pieces of cloth horizontally, and then cut from one of its unbroken limbs a small part 2.5 cm in arched form

sew the third party, and then put the two former tailor in the previous step to give you the form of bean bags

The cloud of simple things that will facilitate the process of opening and closing beanbags to clean the cloth, for example, so I took it in the open end, and then the cloth to the face

Now it is time to fill the beanbags with the small foam rollers, and you can call someone so that you can stick the balls inside the bag and close the clouds

There is a number of modern decorations that has become a part of the modern decoration of modern homes, among these beautiful interiors. Among these are the distinctive shapes of the healthy beanbags, which we are accustomed to using constantly because they are suitable for different types of rooms and Including bedrooms, living rooms, and others


Modern and healthy beanbags

A distinctive collection of the latest and most beautiful forms of modern health beanbags, these forms characterized by the diversity of raw materials including leather and fur and others, as well as the reliance on many shapes and designs wonderful, including panda, balls and cartoon forms

The large furniture has become undesirable, especially as some apartments are small, so the style of the beanbags has recently spread. It is comfortable and helps you to relax, including many shapes and colors that you can coordinate with your home décor, especially in small spaces. Many of us want to buy beanbags, especially since many online buying sites promote them in the summer, but the price is very high, and the price of one of 500 dollars to two thousand dollars, so we offer you the steps to make beanbags at home easily without many costs

How to choose the healthy beanbags for your home?

Home beanbags are one of the largest and most important pieces of furniture. They are not just ordinary pieces of furniture but have an important impact on your family’s comfort while sitting at home

To make Bain Bag a suitable choice for your home, you should pay attention to quality, materials, and colors to suit your lifestyle and the overall decor of your home

Upholstery in bean bags

When you choose the healthy beanbags you want, note that the lines in the furnishings are straight and proportionate. In addition, you must check the angles for consistency. Take your time to look at the fabric, where it should be tight and free from any ripples, also make sure that the fabric lining is not loose when sitting on it.

Structure: bean bags health

The structure of your beanbags is one of the most important elements that highlight their quality. Although the structure is hidden under the fabric, you can still check it through the edges to discover its quality, and when sitting on it you should note that the corners do not produce sharp sounds, well, no votes should be issued

bean-bags-11Filling: Healthy bean bags

You can move the padding and press the bottom cladding to check the quality of the padding. If you notice flat supports, this indicates that the beanbags are comfortable and long lasting

Design: Healthy beanbags

When selecting beanbags that fit your home, you should ensure that the design print is concentrated in the middle to ensure that the beauty of the piece is present

Edges: Healthy beanbags

You should also make sure that any metal parts on the beanbags are smooth, without any sharp edges

Decorative additives: healthy beanbags

If the beanbags are embossing with some decorative ornaments such as buttons or special fabrics, make sure that everything is tightly intertwined with bean bags

Convenience: Healthy beanbags

One of the best ways to determine if the beanbags are suitable for you is to sit for a few minutes and note whether they are comfortable or not. There are high beanbags that are only comfortable for a short time and can because you fatigue if you sit for a long time. The depth of the seat should also fit with your height, support the seats and help you relax

Upholstery fabric beanbags

After choosing the right beanbags, you should know the different fabric choices and know the pros and cons of each

If your choice of “cotton“, one of its advantages is flexibility, and the addition of fabrics to cover the stains that may appear on bags of beans one of its disadvantages

If your choice of foam is the oldest known type of cloth, as well as the stronger and more elegant, absorbs the dyes superbly, but many foam fibers make the print designs irregular and with some wrinkles appear in the seats

Silk” is defined as a luxury canvas, but it can quickly damage when exposed to sunlight or moisture

– In the case of the selection of “wool” is used to upholstered the structures of luxury sofas, and the fibers are naturally woven in many forms, so be strong and rough and resistant to stains naturally

Leather” is an unmatched beauty and is rich, as leather bean bags are extremely elegant and practical, and are suitable throughout the year

Synthetic fibers are a practical option for upholstery because these fibers have a permanent color, resistant to stains, odors and durable

Do you have an ideal home in terms of space, space, and design? Do you think your home is the best?

What if you are about to feel pain in your neck, back, joints, legs, and shoulders?

Unfortunately, we often care about aesthetics, luxuries, color harmony, and decoration, so that we will be surprised by the catastrophic damage – especially the beanbags – to our bodies and joints. Many modern beanbags tend to take more beauty and elegance than the rest of the user’s body. Design experts advise you to choose the beanbags that suit you, high beanbags for you will not let you sit comfortably

Benefits of beanbags health

In fact, to maintain the integrity of your spine, you need bean bags that support your back to stay straight, and its height from the ground is moderate so that it gives you the ability to position your feet so that the leg is at a right angle with the hip (90 – 110 degrees) Few separate the edge of the bean bags from the soles of the knees lest you squeeze the arteries and veins in this area of the body

Add to that many bags of beans are low and make your feet in front of you while sitting in a racecar, which increases the problems of muscles and affects the back

Of course, the height and the preferred depth between the badges vary from person to person, because the textures and lengths vary between everyone, so you have to sit for at least 20 minutes so you can decide whether a bag is suitable for you

If you want to hang the TV in the living room, you should consider this, so that the sofas allow you to lie fully with the support of the head and neck, with the TV at your level and sitting on the sofa so that you do not need to lift your neck or look up or down

Tips to keep beans bags

Beans should keep away from open spaces in the house, such as doors and windows. This method protects them from dirt. It is best to clean the beanbags continuously from dust and dirt and using a vacuum cleaner and warn against cleaning it with dust by using a skimmer or racket. These tools reduce the strength of the cloth. Cover the beanbags with appropriate covers and match their size. It is best to choose the covers from the cotton cloth for easy cleaning. Also, when purchasing these covers, choose the color closest to the color of the basic beanbags

The decoration and the beanbags are the only ones responsible for changing the general appearance of the custom or the houses in general, so change lovers usually look for the latest forms and shouts of different decorative pieces that combine the beauty of form and content, providing comfort and aesthetically pleasing to the room

Bean bags are the most famous of the international companies specialized in the field of decoration and furniture, which depends on the dual-use property, in the sense that it can be used as a bag and at the same time bean bags and a table to meet our needs

Sitting on beanbags or the old oriental customs that our ancestors have used for centuries, bean bags bring us back thousands of years, making the house warm, spacious and elegant, as well as the atmosphere of originality, familiarity and non-cost that gives the home a part of the pleasant meetings

bean-bags-2211noon designs 1Beanbags are widely distributed in European societies and have become the furniture used in modern homes.

In addition, they are considered healthy bean bags, being the closest to the earth, far from the heights that cause the natural resistance of the body to gravity, which leads to discomfort Or the stability of sitting or sleeping, and you add modern touches on bean bags for young people, and also designed bags of beans bags for children made of leather, including made of fur and material Spring Bok, a leather of a kind of deer in South Africa and colorable, these sessions In the form of m A bicycle was built and decorated with paintings inspired by women’s stories. These sessions are lightweight and the raw materials are easy to clean. When presented at an exhibition in Europe, they were very popular, used in yoga exercises, sitting at a low level or level The earth relieves tension, and bean bags can be used in the TV room, reading room or dining room

The bags of beans are decorated and ship, and there are beanbags of a different style, and others of French style. Beanbags, when used in old nomadic tents, were made of sad and sheep wool, and developed and took many forms. Beans in any room in the house, whether large or small or in an unused corner. The number of seats can be controlled according to the customer’s wishes. Different to the back, added to the cushy And the fabrics used in the Spanish and Italian, including the gentlemen, the embroidered, the woodland and the orchard, but there is no great demand for them because they are fast and dirty, and it is possible to make bean bags full of Sponge

The colors used in beanbags vary, according to their users, indicating that the boards used by men are now using the dark colors such as black, gray and green while using the Council of women bright colors and feminine, red, purple and yellow

The bean bags have a long history, and because they are easy to carry, and with the passage of time and development experienced by the country, stuck to the companies, which they are accustomed to, but they began to develop bags of beans and the introduction of different decors, it gives a kind of prosperity and rapprochement between family members, Combining them with bean bags sets is a kind of breaking the routine.

If you have a large hall divided by two levels by a degree of ladder, you can combine two times by placing bean bags at the top level and a set of bean bags at the bottom level, taking into account the consistency of colors and decorations, In addition to the Arab sessions Is more healthy in the sitting position for the spine, and because the high chairs sitting individual and his man hanging down, and perhaps for long periods, which leads to the flow of blood down and then the feeling of pain

How to choose healthy beanbags for your garden?

The bean bags in the garden suit during the spring season, which requires you to choose the right fabrics for the beanbags that, combine the materials resistant to climate factors, innovative shapes, and bright colors

Introduces you to the most important criteria to consider when choosing healthy beanbags

The beanbag fabrics characterized by their attractive bright colors, their comfortable and practical designs, as well as the low absorption of heat at peak hours, because they reflect the sun’s rays. These colors are often inspired by nature

In this context, experts advised looking for simplicity and distance from embroidered and bead-embroidered fabrics. The most important features to be included in these fabrics include high quality, easy to wash and clean.

These fabrics are made of the following materials: synthetic fiber, polyester, and cotton, which is sometimes combined with other types of cloth to resist stains, dirt, and nylon, which also integrates with other types of cloth.

The most common species are aluminum, plastic, wood, and bamboo, all of which are lightweight and resistant to rust, heat, and moisture, and do not require maintenance. Healthy beanbags

bean-bags-12The right way to sit on healthy beanbags

It is possible to avoid injury when working in the office and using the computer by sitting on the correct beanbags and the correct organization of the sitting place

You can avoid back pain by adjusting the sandbags so that the lower back is well supported, reducing the correct adjustment of healthy sandbags from stress on the back. The sandbags should easily adjust so that their height, back position, and tilt can change. The knees should make at the level of the hips, and a footrest can be used to achieve this.

The feet should be straight on the ground, but if you are not straight, you should look for a footrest to relax at the comfortable level. The legs should avoid, as this may cause seating problems

It is important to understand that back pain is a symptom associated with certain conditions, not a disease in it, which needs to diagnose Diseases that may be associated with back pain include

Mechanical disorders: These problems affect the way your spine moves, or disorders you feel when you move it in a certain way so we need healthy sandbags

Injuries: Spinal and spinal cord injuries, such as sprains and fractures that can cause you back pain. These can be short-term, long-term, or even chronic

– Diseases and conditions acquired: There are many medical problems that can cause back pain

Infections and tumors: Although not common factors that may cause back pain, pollution can cause back pain when spinal vertebrae occur. This condition called osteomyelitis. Alternatively, when infection occurs cartilage lining the vertebrae. A condition is known as inflammation of the cartilage

Although the factors that cause back pain are often physical factors, it is important to know that stress is one of the factors that greatly affect the severity and duration of the pain. This pressure can affect the body in several ways, including causing spasms in the back, up to the pain

All these diseases come to us because of not using all the time sanitary bags of various kinds and everywhere, both in the work of the first home or garden because it gives us the full comfort and safety, especially the bottom pillar

Benefit healthy beanbags on the back


How to sit properly and use beanbags

If a person does a desk job and uses a computer, he can avoid injury by sitting in a proper position and properly organizing his or her office. Therefore, the following tips should be followed: Back support A person can avoid back pain by adjusting the bean bags that sit on him so that he supports the bottom of his back correctly; properly modified bean bags relieve the pressure on the back

The beanbags must be easily adjustable so that their height, tilt and back position can be changed. The knees should e made at the level of the hips, and the person may need a footrest to do so

Adjustable beanbags the height of the beanbags should be adjusted so that the person can use the keyboard with the arms and wrists in straightening one and at a horizontal level with the ground. This situation can help prevent injuries caused by repetitive work. The elbows should be placed on either side of the body so that the arm forms a letter

Resting feet on the ground the feet should be two feet on the floor; otherwise, the footrest should be us to relax the feet at a comfortable level for the person

It is preferable not to place the lower extremities above each other, this situation can reduce blood circulation, and cause problems in the hip

Screen mode at eye level the screen should be directly in front of the person. For a good vision, the screen is preferred by a person at arm’s length, and the upper part of the screen is almost eye level; to achieve this, a person may need to use a platform

If the screen is too high or too low, the person will have to bend his neck, which is uncomfortable

Use the keyboard You must put the keyboard in front of the person when typing, leaving a distance of about 10 cm in the front of the desk to rest the wrists between periods of keyboard use. Preferably, the wrists should be upright in the use of the keyboard; keep the elbows in a vertical position under the shoulders and the side of the body completely. Some people want to use the wristlets to keep the wrists straight and at the same key level

bean-bags-123Keeping your mouse or mouse close to a person must be placed in the mouse and used as close as possible to the person. The mat or pillow that placed under the mouse with the wrist strap may help keep the wrist upright while avoiding the annoying bending. When a person does not use the keyboard, he or she must remove it and place the mouse in place if the mouse is used too much

Avoid screen reflection the screen should be as low-brightness as possible. If there is brightness on the screen, it is best to put a mirror in front of it to determine the cause. The screen should be placed in a convenient location to avoid reflection of the ceiling lighting and sunlight

If necessary, window curtains can be pulled and ceiling lighting replaced with office lighting. Adjusting screen brightness or contrast can make it easier to use. Working with glasses People who wear bifocals may find them unattractive while working on a computer

It is essential that the person be able to see the screen easily without the need to raise or lower the head. If the person cannot work comfortably with the glasses, he may need another type of glasses. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with the eye specialist if it is confusing

Put things nearby Things that are frequently used during work, such as a telephone or a stapler should put in hand. Frequent twisting or stretching should avoid accessing these objects. Avoid the stress caused by using the phone if the person spends a lot of time on the phone, try to replace the normal handset with the headset; carrying the phone and hugging it between the ear and shoulder time after time can cause strain of the neck muscles

How to sit in a healthy way using beanbags

The right sitting method greatly controls the comfort of your seat and provides you with no back pain. At this point, we will show you the right way to sit and the appearance of healthy sandbags

The way to sit on sandbags is essential when it comes to surviving back pain and bones in general.

When it comes to rest, most of us turn to the nearest thing they find, but the problem comes when it comes to working and sitting for a long time, like jobs that take up to eight hours at least sitting on your desk to do your job, It is thought that such acts are extremely comfortable and far from physical exhaustion. This article will correct your erroneous view and make you aware of the importance of healthy sandbags

Tips and Advice

Before you know what the right position to sit is and the benefits of sandbags, you need to know what the correct posture of the body

He said that the human body has been prepared in a straight position, although sitting is of great importance along the lines of that position, on the other hand, it may be fatal. Some scientific studies have proved that Sitting for a long time, increases the risk of several diseases, including diabetes, or diabetes as is common, overweight liver disease. Sitting on sandbags is an unavoidable task, but if you sit for a long time sitting in an unhealthy way, your body may be expos to a number of unhealthy powers, or to the pressure of your body that is indispensable

What you do unintentionally, or when you are unconscious, may cause you an unprecedented rise in blood pressure

Most of us sit in front of the television while working, or even sleep, in a certain way of sitting, which is to put one foot on the other and may have several pictures, one of them when one of the feet meets the knee joint, and the other picture when you meet at the ankle joint, Elevated blood pressure on one foot significantly increases the other, sometimes causing a clot

On the other hand, may also cause the curvature of the spine, to solve the wrong habit most of us do, unconsciously or even deliberately. “We often urge people to avoid such a habit, or rather to observe only one image: Less harmful than the other image. “To avoid this common habit. It can cause clotting of the arteries or cause the formation of the knee bumps, so we have to use sandbags because the benefits of sandbags are innumerable

bean-bags-120When sitting properly on sandbags, the goal of rest is not limited to your feet and spine only

The comfort of your arms is one of the goals that should also be a focus not only on your spine and on feet. Studies have shown that the correct position of the elbow or elbow is as common as being at 90 degrees or more. This allows your arms to rest more comfortably, especially for the muscles of the hand.

And the nerves as well, especially since the undesirable positions of the wrist may cause chronic diseases of the wrists of the wrist and nerves, including permanent tremor, burning pains only when moving the wrist, in addition to frequent numbness when not moving the hand for a long time, and these diseases are common, especially among users of typewriters or paintings Computer keys And the.

Therefore, when taking the right way to sit, you should take the right positions for each of your feet, spine and arms in a way that does not cause pressure on either the muscles of the joints or nerves, which may cause you serious damage in the long term, especially if you work with computers for a long time You should use sandbags of all types and sizes because they take the shape of the body through the foam filled with sandbags

If you love social relationships especially during work, you should pay attention to your relationship with the sandbags you sit on

Not only that but also your relationship with all the tools you use, from the computer screen to the trash, always remember to invent new, even unconventional, methods to reduce the physical effort you make while you work. Each tool you use deals with For example; your eyes are expos

Daily to excessive stress when you look at the computer screen. To avoid the pressure on your eyes, scientists suggest that you make the middle of the computer screen at the level of your chin and fourteen inches apart, Taking her away makes you take the screen Increase the field of vision, causing the curvature of your spine, leading to frequent feeling of pain in the back area

A large number of vertebrae in the front of the electronic computer screen causes many back pains. In a larger examination of the causes of these pains, the spine consists of several paragraphs separated from each vertebra, and the other is a liquid that minimizes the friction between the dorsal vertebrae.

This may increase the friction between the back vertebrae causing a common disease called “disc”, to avoid such problems you just have to make the screen at the level of your head and the level of your eyes. Hence, all institutions recommend the presence of healthy sandbags to maintain body strength

Try to stay as straight as possible when sitting on sandbags

The best position to sit on sandbags is the position you take when you drive. “For those who do not know the situation, all you have to do is sit back your back, set your foot in a simple curve with your knees, then take the right position for your arms so that Do not squeeze the nerves and muscles of the wrist or elbow as mentioned earlier

This may be the best situation to take when you work, whether you deal with electronic computers, clerical work, etc., will avoid many of the physical problems and daily illnesses you will experience

Your body is not the only one you can adjust

Many beanbags can adjust to fit your body and shape so that you feel more comfortable sitting there. There are beanbags that you can adjust to the height of your height, and the best position to sit comes when your feet are straight on the ground. Position beanbags until both of your thighs are parallel to the floor and desk. If you are long, make sure that the bags of beans on which you sit have two backs, one for the back and the other for the neck so that you avoid the pain of each of them. When sitting for a long time, always keep in mind that the methods of rest and distance from stress you will need to improve the use of methods that make you more comfortable while you work. This will increase your ability to exercise and increase your practical ability that will always help you to work better, achieve more success, and remember the most important things you have. To abide by it always, I work if you are tall, the beanbags with the neck and back litter will be the best solution, and the rest of your eyes are part of your body that needs rest

bean-bags-122The study became good using healthy beanbags

Students who sit for long periods must take the proper situation and can use healthy beanbags by placing the trapezoid or the study desk at a high level close to their body. The beanbags are also low so that the distance between them and the book is close

Do every hour of study and move the muscles of the body, which helps to increase the pumping of blood circulation in the joints and paragraphs and prevents the occurrence of muscle tension and full comfort on beanbags

The right way for a child to sit at home is not to stretch your child on the ground or tilt his head while completing homework at home because it hurts his back. Therefore, the baby should sit on the healthy beanbags of the right size for his body. As the seating method mentioned above. At home, you should allow your child to walk from time to time at home to better maintain his spine

The function of beanbags in the living room is to rest the person sitting there. Therefore, it is best to be stuff with sponge, foam and soft feathers, and to suit the movement of the body, to find in cotton or velour cloth. For durability, preferably be made of beech or plywood. For the Morden room, it is preferable to buy elegant beanbags, the soft cloth rolls, away from the pits and decorations are suitable.

On the other hand, when the beanbags play the role of the separator between two areas, they have a low back and colorful colors match the colors of the beanbags

Hence, we find that many factories began to design bean bags according to the decorations of houses and gardens and also shops, clubs and cafeterias and the presence of a lot has helped spread throughout the world, although we focus on the forms of fun, but it provides us with long sessions healthy for both our children or adults for Sit properly during the study and other occasions


Beanbags are a comfortable, modern discovery of clothes

Beanbags have been widely accepted in recent times; they are comfortable and can exploit in home decorations especially small places. Bean bags are available in different forms including chairs or beds, including what is in the form of ice cream and donuts or even a piece of cake. Have you ever thought of making beanbags at home so you can put them on your own decorating deck to suit your home décor today? I will tell you how to work in a simple step

The tools you will need to make beanbags at home

2pieces of cloth, 45 x 32 cm

A sewing machine or needle and a thick thread if you are good at knitting


100liters of small foam balls

Steps to Work Healthy Bean Bags at Home

Choose the types and colors of the fabrics you prefer. You can make one or two color beanbags

Place the two pieces of cloth on their backs so that each face faces the other

Now comes the time of knitting national sewing opposite sides and insist on the use of a narrow stitch so as not to stop easily due to great pressure

Bend the two pieces of cloth horizontally, and then cut one of the non-simulated edges a small 2 cm and a half in a curved shape as in the pictures below. Sew the third party, and then put the two former sewing in the previous step to give you the form of bean bags

The cloud is a simple thing that will make it easier for you to open and close the Bain Bag to clean it, for example, so hold it in the open end. Then move the cloth over to the face.

Now is the time to fill the bean bags with the small foam rollers and you can call someone so that you can pour the balls into the beanbags and close the clouds

Comfortable chairs, bean bags or bean bags, he chairs, a cloth stuffed with Plexiglas’s, polystyrene, he is a modern and beautiful, and most importantly, it is comfortable chairs for the body and takes the position of the body when sitting on it

bean-bags-19Anyone who is looking for relaxation in the place located in either home or office or vacation and chalet, he must buy these bags of beans comfortable wonderful dedicated to providing the most beautiful moments and the greatest amount of rest

Bean Bag useful when physical relaxation and used by adults and young women and men in the house and in the garden and used in family meetings and all places in different colors and attractive design attractive

Our beanbags can be used inside and outside the house for the strength of its cloth and easy to clean it, unlike the rest of the internal products only, which cannot afford to be outside the house for the weakness of her cloth

Comfortable and soft and ideal for comfort and relaxation especially when watching TV or reading or play PlayStation and is characterized as it helps to relieve back pain and neck

The chairs of the comfortable beanbags have received a strong turnout from the majority of the people after they became available with a large collection of beautiful colors and sizes

Beanbags are the latest fashion in the world of comfortable seats. Day and day are more popular with children and adults. They are also very practical and home-based. The bagged pans are lighter, cheaper and more comfortable than the rest of the competition seats. They can use to decorate and modernize the place, because of their different shapes, sizes, and designs that allow them to use at home, the office, the garden, the swimming pool or anywhere else

With multiple options available, choosing the appropriate beanbags possible can be tricky. In addition, because we care about your satisfaction and convenience, through this article we will review the types of beanbags and different bases to choose them according to our need

Beanbags are made of various raw materials such as nylon, leather, cotton, polyester, vinyl, and suede. Design selection and materials need to base on how beanbags are used.

We first quickly fell on different types of raw materials


It can use in open or closed places. For open spaces, the die material is quite suitable and especially if we dropped beans bags by the swimming pool, and DH because its price is reasonable and water resistant and stains, the de-sautéed beanbags live for a long time and do not make their color or color move easily in the sun. The quality of the material is very practical and elegant and in the many colors


The polyester costume, linen bag made of raw material can be used in open or closed places, their age is long and their price is ques, and it is against water and stains. The problem is that their color can easily go out if they exposed to the sun. On the other hand, the same shape can be made from the sun because the nylon is possible to expand from the heat


It is used in closed spaces and is very suitable for use in the bedroom. It is made of strong material that cut and its price is suitable, but the type is not stain resistant, and it is more difficult to remove


It is used in closed spaces and in a modern and stylish design. Its prices are expensive but possible depending on the artificial skin as its price is better and at the same time, its shape is elegant and easier to add.

Gazelle’s skin Gazelle’s leather

 Uses various bean health bags

Beanbags chair

The most common use of the Bean Bag is the Beanbag chair. The chairs are very comfortable and easy to move and can be moved to any room from the bedroom to the living room or even the office. Beaufort is an increase chair because you have people at parties and trips. The list of the most famous forms of the Bean Bags

Chair beanbags shaped bag or pie

The shape of the pie and its leaves are very different in size and shape. The adults are strong, suitable for two or more people, ideal for watching TV or the cast because their shape and sense of purpose are strong. They usually use chiseling mesh as a chair and do not let them be ideal for the night of the month. Choose beanbags to be a raw animal and pet bedding if you have a dog or a cat that wants to show them and love they use it

Chair of bean-shaped beanbags

It is ideal for use while reading or working on the laptop for long hours and of course it is ideal for use in the workplace, since you have the opportunity to sit straight, so you prefer to center and watch in the job, unlike the other species Of the Bean Bags (the bag of bean bags in the shape of a bag and the most appropriate in a more relaxed environment)

Shezlong beanbags

The species has a particular shape more than the other species whose forms are not specific. It is my hands’ support for dress up and at the same time suitable for relaxation. In it, different materials and colors can be used in open and closed places

It is a convenient and convenient choice for offices and living rooms, which are bean bags. Les is more specific than other species. The type is possible to fit perfectly in the workplace, except that its shape remains a strong modern. Try to buy a suitable type of material suitable for skin or artificial skin so that its shape remains in agreement with the office. It is possible to use it in the living room to watch television instead of the regular couch

bean-bags-125Beanbags floating / suitable for outside

Are you enjoying the color of the sun and you are sitting in the pool? The best thing is that you and Name are working on beanbags on the water. Because of water-resistant and sun-resistant materials in which the beads help float, the Beanbags is best suited for being on the pool, beach, garden or water in general. Its structure is more specific than any other type. Make sure you buy beanbags from nylon or polyester raw material as long as you are in the sun

 Healthy beanbags

Small headrests

They can only be used for decoration because they add a colorful touch to the room and can be lower under laptops or books or can be used as cushions for the neck or feet as they support more

Large headrests

Can be used as comforters and we are right on the ground, the large headrests with foot support and can be used on the precaution so that we are leaning on them and we are playing, playing or watching television. They may fluctuate on the other side so that they form a weighted form. The same pillowcases fall under and bend the body’s sides in an extra comfort

Healthy beanbags

The beanbags can be used as an alternative to traditional chairs and chairs. We can also use them as coffee tables in their various rounded and square shapes, and we can use them, as the feet are relaxed or leaning on them. Their colors and raw materials are great and whatever you need, you will find what suits you best.

General Tips

In indoor beanbags, it is recommended that you answer a bag together with a removable cover so that the wash is easy to clean, or if it is not possible to cover it

If the beanbags are cover with a removable cover, use shuns water with a small amount of detergent on the bottom of the cloth, as it is clean. Candida is used or bean bags are soaked in water

For children’s rooms, use raw materials that are resistant to water, fire, and stains. Try to avoid fur, cotton, and velvet and instead buy vinyl, nylon or polyester and you will have a dark color. Show beanbags for children

For open spaces, use lighter colors when sunscreen is strong

When not using healthy beanbags, use the anti-dirt cover to protect the cloth

Reduce the exposure of beanbags to the sun by placing them in a wet and dry area for use when they are longer

A role on a cloth will be two layers for longer living

Choose the ideal size for buying beanbags; try to keep in mind the size of the room, the space available and where to use it. What you need is a great big bag if you want to use it in children’s rooms.

Healthy beanbags are the latest fashion in the world of comfortable seats; day and day are popular with children and adults for very good reasons. In addition to being very practical and home-based, beanbags are lighter, cheaper and more comfortable than the rest of the competition seats. They can be used to decorate and modernize the place, because of their different shapes, sizes, and designs that allow them to use at home, the office, the garden, the swimming pool or anywhere else

How do you make a “healthy

bean bags

” chair from old t-shirts?

Although there are many chairs and couches in your home, you are looking for something comfortable while watching TV or reading a favorite book, so if you have bean bags, you are comfortable and your body relaxes, so here’s how to make it yourself and all you need is a t-shirt Old and spongy


Make 2 of the citrates that you do not need to reverse, and make a Petron with the length of the shape of the shape shown in the picture, and then separate the triangle from the rectangle

Cut the thirsts, where you find a triangle from the front and then a rectangle from the back. Do this with the two pieces

Wipe all the cut sides inside, and then tap the triangles in the rectangles as shown in the picture

I pray all the rectangles together to form the shape I originally drew

Put each shape on top of each other and sew the sides together, then thread all the parties together and finally leave the last two parties without sewing

Cut a large slab of sponge into long, thin pieces

Cut longitudinal sponges into small squares

Fill the cuffs that you have wrapped together with the sponge boxes

Wrap the other two sides together until you completely undo the chair, and enjoy the new chair in your home

Beanbags have been widely accepted in recent times; they are comfortable and can be exploited in home decorations especially small places. An alpine bag is available in different forms, including chairs or beds, including what is in the form of ice cream and donuts or even a piece of cake. Do my idea before working in beanbags at home, so that you can put them on your own for decorating as they fit your home decor

The tools you will need to make healthy beanbags at home

Choose the types and colors of the fabrics you prefer, you can work between one or two colors

Place the two pieces of cloth on their backs so that each face faces the other

Bend the two pieces of cloth horizontally, and then cut one of the non-simulated edges a small 2 cm and a half in a curved shape as in the pictures below. Sew the third party, and then put the two former sewing in the previous step to give you the shape of beanbags health

The cloud is a simple thing that will make it easier for you to open and close beanbags to clean the cloth, for example, so hook it in the open end. Then move the cloth over to the face

Now is the time to fill the healthy beans with the small foam rollers, and you can use someone to pour the balls into the beanbags and seal the clouds

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