How To Make Simple Handicrafts

Handicrafts were invented by housewives for many years but we don’t actually know how many years they are, housewives all around the world were seeking to benefit from everything available at home, and they were making something out of nothing, one of the things that they used to do is they would bring used plastic boxes in order to implant flowers and plants, they would also decorate and paint the plastic boxes to look attractive.

So in this article, you are going to learn how to make some different handicrafts, all you should do is to follow up these steps to make them perfectly and attractively.

Handicrafts, Make a Mosquito net using a reel woolen Thread

1- You need to bring a reel of a woolen thread, adhesive, it is much better to use silicone, and get a deep bowl in order to empty all the adhesive in it, then bring the reel of the woolen thread and unwind it and dip it in the adhesive and leave it for a couple of minutes in order to fully absorb the adhesive.

2- Meanwhile you need to blow up the balloon and fasten it tightly, bear in mind that the balloon size you have just blown up will determine the size of the lamp cover, if you want you a big-sized cover of a lamp then you should blow up the balloon until it becomes bigger in size in order to be suitable to attract you.

3- After the reel of woolen absorbs the adhesive, take the tips of thread in order to affix them to the balloons, you should roll the woolen thread cross-linked and intertwined in order to cover a big space of the balloon, and then leave it to dry for one night.

4- After doing it, you should empty the oxygen out of the balloons, then you will find a thread ball, then make a small hole in the thread ball in order to get rid of the balloons, install the thread ball in the lamp of the mosquito net through the rounded hole in order to get a new lamp cover with the cheapest costs.

Make Boxes To Restore Grains

1- You need different sizes of glass boxes and different colors and colored cane threads you can swap it with colored pigment or adhesive, at the beginning wash the glass boxes carefully and then leave them to dry, use a paintbrush in order to glue the adhesive on the outer surface of the glass box.

2- Then roll the colored cane threads or the colored pigment around the glass box with constant pressing on the threads in order to facilitate the process of affixing it, it’s preferable to leave the top of the box empty so that it’s easy to distinguish the type of the stored grains inside

3- But it is preferable to glue the cover of the box with the adhesive, and then you should spirally roll the threads on the outer surface and inside it, leave it to dry and when it is dry, you can easily restore the different grains in the big glass box, or you can put the spices in the small glass boxes.

Easy And simple Handicrafts

It is possible to make a lot of easy and simple handicrafts at home because handicrafts give an amazing impression when the home is decorated with them, especially in children’s room, these handicrafts don’t need a lot of expensive materials and tools to make them because it is very easy to make them by bringing some available materials at your own home which are also not being used a lot.

There are some things that you can make handicrafts out of them such as papers, in this article we will talk about some simple handicrafts that you can easily make them at home with the cheapest costs.

Make A Vase Out Of Glass Flasks 

Tools You Will Need

  • A glass flask.
  • unmeltable Colors in the water (paint or stable colors)
  • An injection.

How To Make It?

1- Put the unmeltable colors, use the injection in order to sip some of the colors, put the colors in the bottle by using the injection not to soil the nozzle of the bottle.

2- Spread the paint in the bottle by shaking it up until the paint spreads all over it, stir the bottle until the paint reaches all over the bottle in order to get rid of the excess paint which is inside the bottle, you should make sure that the paint has reached the bottleneck fully.

Make A Scented Candle Shaped As Heart 

Tools You Will Need

  • Vertical Wax.
  • Aromatic oil with your favorite smell.
  • Glass template shaped like a square.
  • A coffee-pot.
  • Butter papers.
  • A sprayer for spraying the oil.
  • A hairdryer.
  • A Heart-shaped cutter.
  • Candlewick.

How To Make It?

1- Bring butter papers, spray it with oil in order to facilitate removing the wax from the template, and then put the wax in the coffee-pot, and put the color and the smell you have chosen, then spill the wax on the butter papers and then leave it to cohere.

2- Then shape the wax as hearts using the heart-shaped cutter, take the hearts away from the wax and use the hairdryer to cool them, and then put the wax in the template slowly, then put the wick down to install wax, melt the rest of the wax, and put the color and the smell, thereafter add the wick to it.

Make A Pen Box Using Cardboard 

Tools You Will Need

  • Cardboard
  • A pair of scissors
  • Colored
  • Glue or adhesive

How To Make It?

1- Scissor the cardboard shaped like a square, and then you should cover the cardboard with colored papers using glue or adhesive, you can choose your favorite colors.

2- Roll the cardboard shaped like a circle, you should affix the edges of it using the glue, now you have made your new pen box, is not it difficult, I don’t think so.

Make Stockings At Home 

Things You Will Need 

  • A pair of scissors.
  • Chalk with your favorite color.
  • A pullover.
  • A tape measure

How To Make It?

1- Determine the length of the stockings you want using the tape measure, and then mark it with chalk, scissor the sleeves that you have determined their length by using a pair of scissors, we use these stockings to put it on the short shoes in order to give a nice and an attractive appearance.

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How To Make Handcrafts. Very Simple

Handicrafts allow you to benefit from the unusable stuff, you can make beneficial things out of them to benefit from them daily, as you can save your money instead of buying new stuff you need, because it’s easy to make them by your hand, it depends on your style, you need to follow up these steps that are going to help you know more about handicrafts.

How to make handicrafts


Candles became one of the useable decorations and accessories at homes significantly, as they add a relaxing romantic atmosphere to home, so you can benefit from the transparent glass container, such as pickles boxes and others long story short any transparent jar.

Don’t empty them, you can wait until you finish off the pickles or whatever the thing is, then you can transform them to be attractive and distinctive candleholders, and then decorate the living room corners and the home corners with them.

 Required Materials

  • A number of empty transparent glass jars/boxes.
  • A wide tape.
  • A color spray with one of your favorite colors.
  • Wide thread.
  • A pair of scissors or a blade.

How to Make it

1- You should paste tape crosswise on one of the glass jar/box corners, mark a clear big circle and a square by the blade with getting rid of the excess parts of the tape.

2- Spray the box/jar fully with the selected color, and then leave it to dry completely, thereafter take the tape off of the box/jar, and fasten the upper part of the box/jar by the wide thread with a beautiful knot.

3- Fill the box/jar with water until the lower part of the transparent box/jar, then light a candle and leave it to swim on the surface water.

Key Holder 

There are a lot of people suffering from finding the keys of the house and cars because there is no an available place to save them, it is possible to get rid of this problem by making a nice key holder, in addition to its ease of hanging them in anywhere as a wall decoration.

 Required Materials

  • A tennis ball.
  • Rubber paste print.
  • Glue.
  • Black ink pen.
  • A sharp scalpel

How To Make It

1- You should open the tennis ball horizontally by the sharp scalpel; the length of the whole should not exceed 3 cm, install the rubber paste print in the middle of the corresponding part of the tennis ball using the glue, and then leave it to dry.

2- Mark the hole as it’s the mouth of the key holder, then draw eyes and a nose above it, if you want to put one more print on the tennis ball, install the tennis ball on the wall, then put the keychain inside the hole of the ball.

hand craft 8How To Make A Makeup Bag

It’s not easy to find a makeup bag that can fulfill your needs to pack all of your makeup products meanwhile has an elegant appearance, so we decided to help you know the easiest way to make a makeup bag by yourself at home follow up these steps.

The Tools You Will Need To Make a Makeup Bag

  1. Thread
  2. A zipper
  3. Cloth with your favorite color
  4. Linen cloth
  5. A tape measure.

How to make a makeup bag

1- Lay out the two pieces of cloth on the top of each other, and then start to take the measures of it depending on your desire.

2- Put marks on the distances you want, and then start to cut the cloth.

3- Fold the edges of the cloth in order to eventually give you the shape of the makeup bag.

4- Then install the zipper in the middle, thereafter start to sew all the edges.

5- Now you’re done making

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How To Make Handicrafts For Kids

Sometimes the children like to help their teacher at school to make a lot of easy handicrafts, that help them be much smarter, and it helps them to come up with new ideas, it develops the abilities of hand-arm muscles in addition to enjoying while making handicrafts by yourself, as the mom can easily teach her kids how to make new handicrafts in order to contribute in enhancing her children’s knowledge.

How To Make Handicrafts For Kids

Before you start making handicrafts, you should care about your child’s safety procedures, don’t make them use sharp tools that might cause damage to them while helping you.

Case Pencil

You can help your child make a beautiful pencil case which is beneficial for them as well so that they can store up his/her pens and rulers pencils in it, instead of scattering them everywhere

Tools You Will Need

A metal or a plastic box in addition to adhesive, colored papers, a small pair of scissors it is better not to be that sharp, it’s preferable to use an old pair of scissors in order to avoid sharpness

Make your child choose his/her favorite colors from the colored papers, then he/she should start to scissor the colored papers like small and middle sizes, then he/she should glue them by using the adhesive on the outer surface of the box, you can add a poster on the pencil case maybe like a photo of your kid, after it’s done then he/she can store up the stuff.

Preparing A Gift

There are many children want to prepare a gift in order to give it to their mom for example on the mother’s day or even her birthday, you can help these kids to do this by bringing these tools

Tools You Will Need

  • A cylindrical candle
  • a colored ribbon
  • in addition to adhesive

How To Make It

Paint the candle with the adhesive, then you should roll the colored ribbon around the candle, thereafter leave it to dry, it is possible to decorate the candle with a number of colored stones


 Bunny Face Bag

You can help your child make a small bag in order to store up his/her candies, and small stuff all you need to bring to make this bag is these stuff

Tools You Will Need

  • Three flat plastic dishes
  • A pair of scissors
  • A stapler
  • A colored ribbon

How To Make It

You must scissor the upper part of one of the plastic dishes, collect the dish you have just scissored with another dish so that their edges can match together, then you should staple both of the dishes together from all sides except the scissored part.

Install the colored ribbon on the two outer edges in order to be the holder of the bag, you can get two ears by using the third dish, then you must staple them on the upper part of the bag, and then you can get the full dish in order to draw the eyes and the nose and everything that belongs to the bunny’s face

5 وحدات إضاءة منزلية يمكنكِ صنعهم بنفسك

Handicrafts With steps

Handicrafts differ from the used materials, it’s the best ever because of its beauty and how much it’s important to be a part of the home decoration, handicrafts are made by your hands and some other simple tools that help to make them as well, there is another type of handicrafts that has expensive tools, we have just invented some handicrafts that you can make them as well, just give it a shot.

Today you are going to learn how to make some new handicrafts with the cheapest costs which are very easy to make them as well, some of the women and girls have some spare time which they waste sometimes, and you don’t have to waste it but you should use it by making something beneficial.

Layers of circular shelves 

it’s easy to find a bunch of empty milk boxes in case if you have a baby at home, I think these empty boxes are unusable, you can also collect a bunch of yogurt boxes that have big sizes or any other type of plastic and the metal boxes, you can exploit these boxes in order to make layers of circular shelves, or you can benefit from it by keeping and saving the home items.

  • A bunch of circular boxes with a suitable size and identical.
  • adhesive
  • A small brush
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A tape or some of the colored papers depending on the numbers of the boxes
  • A pair of scissors
  • White glue
  • a small paintbrush
  • some screws

hand craft 6How To Make It

1- Wash the circular boxes carefully, and then leave it to dry, remove any rolled covers from the circular boxes by using the paintbrush, and then paint the internal wall of the boxes with the white glue, and then leave it to dry completely, repaint them again from inside, in case if you did not get the clear white color.

2- Using the ruler helps you measure the height of the boxes, using the pencil determines the length of the box on one of the outer edges of the cardboard, with making long extensions for it from both tips, in order to get a rectangular equals the width and the height of the boxes, with length that can reach the end of the Colored Masking tape.

3- Determine the corners of the home where you will install the shelves, by using the nailer, install the first box on the tip of the flooring corners, in order to affix its bottom to the wall, and then install two boxes beside the first box, in order to make all of them on the first shelf of the shelves

4- Install three other boxes among the corners of the first shelf in order to shape the second shelf, repeat doing this process until you finish off the boxes, or reach the suitable height

الديكور الداخلي

Handicraft Ideas For Kids


Handicraft Ideas For Kids

In this article we are going to share with you some ideas about decorating your children’s room, you can make them with your hands, because the kids love the toys and the delightful places that are full of decorations because these things make them feel happy, but many people say if we want to change the room decor that is going to cost a lot of money just to provide a special appearance of the rooms.

But we will present some ideas in order to decorate your children’s room, this doesn’t cost a lot of money to do it, so you should follow these steps to be able to make a decoration for your children’s room by yourself.


First Idea

You can put decorations shaped like different sizes of clouds, in addition to colored canvas ribbons under the cloud in order to make it look more amazing and beautiful, you should affix cardboard in the canvas ribbons shaped like a drop of water so that the visitors can write on it a good sentence to remember as you can put floral sequins because this color is loved by the children.

It a very delightful color, it’s preferable if you install the sequins in the transparent threads which are in the background of the cloud, this is with regard to the small cloud, but with regard to the big cloud, you can make it of cloth stuffed with fiber cotton.

You can use a flow master pen in order to write some wonderful expressions on the cloud or to draw anything that your kid likes; this can be done on the white part of the paper cloud because kids love this kind of drawings

Second Idea

You can also make a big cloud above your kid’s bed, hang some drops of rain as it’s raining in addition to that, you can color each drop with a different color, and I think this is going to be eye-catching for your kid and it will cheer him/her up, now you have a choice to hang some of the transparent threads on the cloud


Third Idea

You can easily make some simple decorations of tree trunks, bring cardboard with yellow color and pink and light green and brown in addition to strong transparent threads so that they can move while they are hanging on the wall, get two sticks and install them in the wall in order to hang the decorations on them.

Fourth Idea

As long as you have some cardboard and baize, so you can make this decoration, scissor the baize shaped like butterflies in order to sew each butterfly thereafter leave the end of the rest thread long so that it gives a beautiful appearance, put a reel of woolen thread in each butterfly, if you don’t have it you can replace it with balls

Just to give an amazing appearance to your child’s room, after it’s complete you must install them on a circle of cardboard covered with a paper napkin, we hope you have benefited from our simple article

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Handicrafts For home



Sometimes the home needs manual warm touches that have a comfortable touch, the handicrafts always add this special touch to the home, especially if one of your family members make them with love, you can team up with one of your family members to make these handicrafts that do not cost a lot of money,

They just need a simple and normal budget to afford, buy the tools that help you make the handicrafts, or you can recycle old items, it’s better to benefit from them instead of tossing them out, or all you need to do is to think correctly to make the new handicrafts, we are going to present some of the ideas that can help you invent.


Simple Handcrafts In Order To Decorate Home, Recycle Items

1- Recycle a wooden box in order to decorate the home corners or to use it as a center table in the living room, this can be done by choosing a proper type of paint for the wood, then paint the box with the suitable color you like the most, after that, leave it to dry, then you can put it in the desired place of the home.

2- You can use the car wheel as a strange kind of decoration for the home corners, this can be done by bringing an unwanted wheel, and then paint it with a nice color that matches with your home color, or it can be a good idea if you decorate it with cloth or leave it as it is after painting it, or put colored wheels above each other and cover them with glass board.

3- You can renew the old napkins boxes by wrapping them up with wrapping papers, or with the spotted cloth to be more suitable and nice-looking for the living rooms, I think it’s going to be eye-catching because of its amazing appearance, it’s a piece of cake to recycle all of these things.

4- You can use the old wrapping papers in order to make a shadow from the ceiling lighting, you can do this process by cutting the papers by the desirable shape, after that dye it with the suitable color and then install it.

Make Simple handicrafts

1- Make a curtain of crochet (wool works) to serve as a background or a divider between rooms, you can also make covers for the surfaces, and choose their colors as you like.

2- Make decorations for the door of the home by using the industrial flowers, you can do this by making a rounded bottom of polystyrene or carton, then with a suitable soft cloth, cover it with some different industrial flowers, now you can hang the decorations on the doors.


3- Make small wooden shelves, you can bring a professional carpenter in order to cut the wood and then paint it, now shelves are ready to be installed them on the wall, it will be much better if you put some art objects on them to give a good appearance.

4- Make a wall panel by using embroidery, you can embroider a specific drawing on a piece of cloth, then put it on a wooden frame, hang it on the wall, or you can easily draw a drawing by using watercolor and then hang it on the wall.

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How To Make Handicrafts


How To Make Handicrafts

Handicrafts are a pedagogical method that helps people to invent new things with new ideas, they start to do it after they get a scalable idea to execute the process of making, that is based on the hand skill, it’s also based on the available materials, because of the person depends on the ability of their hands and their seeing during making these handicrafts, this gives them more of fitness and patience.


How To Make Handicrafts

The concept of the handicrafts gives the makers the chance to be able to interact with the available materials that allow them to recognize them and to benefit from them correctly; the benefits of these works include physical, social and mental aspects of the individual.

So, many individuals tend to these works because these works make them feel more comfortable, those individuals shape the handicrafts as they like, so that person who makes handicrafts gets two benefits, and they are the aesthetic benefit, the utilitarian benefit.


 Multiple Forms of Gypsum

This work consists of a multi-format template, an amount of water, the gypsum material, an amount of oil, an empty bowl, liquid colors, then you start to shape all of these by placing the gypsum in the empty bowl, then pour the water on it

Until it becomes cohesive, then you should oil it with oil not to let the gypsum paste in your hands, pour the gypsum in the template when its ready, and then leave it under the ray of the sun for a couple of minutes until it dries, then get it out of the template, and then paint it with your favorite colors.

Make a Doll of Cloth

This work consists of one empty can, a piece of cloth, woolen threads, you can start by wrapping the white piece cloth around the can, then wrap another piece of cloth that has a different color as a dress for the first piece, then you need a piece of cloth that’s darker than the dress, you do this in order to install the other pieces.


Then bring the woolen threads, and then wrap them around the can, and fasten it from the middle, then try to add some ties to it to decorate it, to shape the head of the doll, then install the arms by getting two pieces of triangle cloth, then add the final touches to it by drawing the eyes and the mouth and the nose.

Other Handicrafts

1- Save the pens and pencils and the small tools, all you need to bring is a piece of circular cotton, glue, a sponge, jelly, an empty box, then start by adding the glue to the sponge, after preparing it, you need to put it on the empty box, then put the pieces of cotton with different forms on the sponge

2- You can benefit from the empty plastic bottles by making small boxes, you can exploit these bottles to keep jewelry or makeup, or private stuff, determine a specific length to cut the lower part of the bottle taking into account the sizes of items that you will keep.

Cut some cm of the lower part of the bottle corresponding to the first bottle, then choose a zipper that has a suitable length, sew it with the parts of the bottles in order to assemble them together, you can affix the zipper with glue instead of sewing it

How To Earn Money From Handcrafts


 Earning Money From Handcrafts


It is called handmade because it depends on human-hands because these hands are the most important and essential part of making handmade items knowing that they also use some simple tools to get the items made, so all handmade items are characterized by beauty and simplicity.

Sometimes handmade is related to the traditional and cultural concept of some countries and civilizations and that what contributes to maintaining many handmade items, which is still a part of the cultural heritage of some countries so far. So we are going to show you some profitable handicrafts that can help you start a new business, read this article carefully to get beneficial information, thanks in advance

Profitable Handcrafts

Most the of the handcrafts that still depend on individual work of profitable handcrafts, Because the factories will not be able to produce the majority of these industries due to the disability of providing the suitable machines to make these industries, with a lack of precision of making.


 The Industry of beads

Industry of beads is one of the old industries, which is still widespread so far, the colored beads are made of a lot of jewelry types, current such as necklaces and bracelets and collars and matinees and others, many people like to use beads to embellish clothes, especially the traditional clothing, some of the popular places keep on making beads as one of the simple handmade items which play a big role in attracting tourists, that’s why they are one of the profitable industries, especially when the beads are characterized by its amazing different colors.

The Industry of Carpets

It is one of the old and profitable industries, the people in the old ages used to make carpets of all their types and sizes because carpets adds an amazing touch to the place where they exist, so many people got the industry of carpets as a job for themselves, because it is considered as one of the handicrafts that need very good accuracy in order to get a good type of carpets, that’s what led to high prices of types of carpets such as the Turkish and Persian carpets others.

The Industry of Pottery

The Industry of Pottery is one of the profitable industries which is still widespread among people so far, it depends on using soft clay in order to shape potteries such as plates gourd vases, bottle vases, round vases, bowls, others, lots of tourists are interested in getting potteries to take them to their homeland as a souvenir from the country they have visited.

The industry of pottery was widespread in the last centuries because it presented a lot of suitable tools, especially for the kitchen that we use to put food on them, the industry of pottery contributed to making a lot of industries in the world of handcrafts.


The industry of textile

The industry of textile is one of the profitable industries which is still widespread among people so far, so many tailors make textile fabrics, cotton, especially the simple clothing such, neckties and gloves and hats, many other industries, that have become a resource of the important commercial resources in a lot of local markets.

Importance of Handcrafts


Importance of Handicrafts

The handcrafts are one of the most important things that help decorate your home, as they include a lot of different handcrafts which basically rely on people who make them, they don’t rely on machines, so this requires a lot of concentration and an extra effort in order to accomplish them perfectly.

So everyone should try as much as they can to master the skills of different handcrafts in order to get their benefits, I think you will gain two things first off you will master a new skill, second off you will decorate your home with beautiful handcrafts, and you will save money as well instead of spending them on buying handcrafts. In this article, we will talk about some points about this topic


Importance of Handcrafts

handcrafts are considered as an amazing source of income for a lot of people and families, because making them is not a piece of cake for everyone to master making handcraft’s, and whoever has the skills of making handcraft’s they can provide a source of a livelihood for themselves.

Especially if the skills they master are one of the required things, it’s kind of entertainment and an excellent investment, it’s also better than slacking off, so you can use your time in doing something that’s beneficial for you.

1- Making handcraft’s enhances your self-confidence and it raises your spirits, it shows you how valuable you are in the society, and then you can feel that your presence in life is more important than you really think.

2- This kind of skill makes you accomplish people’s needs, maybe God made you a reason to accomplish the things they want but they can not accomplish them by machines. So you are a reason to cheer them up.

3- You get enriched by the heritage of countries and promote cultural and economic exchange between nations, especially in the manual artworks which are considered an important extension for the traditional crafts; the different handcraft’s skills form a part of the culture of any society.

4- It increases the ability of concentration, it improves the mental abilities, and because making handcrafts need a very smart mind that is able to be patient in order to make handcrafts skillfully perfectly that can easily impress people and be eye-catching once anybody sets their eyes on them.

5- Making handcrafts gives its owner a good feeling of happiness whenever they look at what they have made by themselves because not everybody knows how to make amazing handcrafts.

6- This artwork makes you a creative person, and you will be able to come up with creative and amazing ideas to achieve, as it helps you invent new things, it solves lots of problems of the society because it helps people get out of bad moods and makes them be busy with making them.


Examples of handcrafts

Textile crafts: include handcrafts and making crochet and spinning yarn and carpets, and many other crafts that are made from wool and threads.

Gypsum and paint: include these shapes of art that can be formed while doing gypsum in ceiling and walls in addition to paint and what’s related to it.

Copper and metal crafts: include works of art that are made of copper and metal, gold and other mineral materials, which are engraved on metals or formed with different designs.

Professional Crafts: include various handcrafts such as carpentry, blacksmithing, plumbing and other works. So I hope you have benefited from our information we are happy having you in our website.

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