. Simple and easy steps to clean beanbags

It’s important to keep your furniture clean in order to protect yourself and your family from a different disease. Sometimes we use different kind of cloth that we do not know the way to clean them. Beanbag like any other thing, they also get dirty and sometimes they have some dark spots that are hard to be cleaned. Here are some tricks and ideas to help you clean all kinds of beanbag cloth easily.

Cotton bean bags cover

Cotton beanbags covers are the easiest to be cleaned. Be careful while opening the beanbag zipper. But what is inside the beanbag in a large bag. Just like any other piece of cotton cloth. Take off the cover; put it in the washing machine with some cleaning jell and some softening fabrics. Let it dry in the air. Then put it on again and done.

Vinyl-covered bean bags


This kind of bean bags is difficult to be washed in the washing machine. All you need is a wet piece of cloth and some soapy liquid. Soak the wet piece of cloth into the soapy water, and start to wipe it step by step. If there are some dark spots or hard to be cleaned, you can use the soft brush in order to help you clean it. Wipe it all with a clean and dry piece of cloth and let it dry in the air.

Chamois beanbags

The beanbag covers that are made of chamois, use a damp piece of cotton cloth to wipe it all. Then follow it with a dry piece of cotton cloth to wipe it all again; then let dry. This kind of cloth needs to be cleaned daily in order to keep it clean.

Velvet bean bags

As for Velvet beanbags cover, you can use a dry cloth to wipe it. If you found some dark spots you can use the soft brush in order to clean these stains.

Leather beanbags

The leather beanbags cover is easy to be cleaned daily by using a dry cloth or wet one to wipe it. If you kept it clean daily it would never contain any stains or stinky sweets.

Beanbags cleaning notes

Keep your beanbag clean by removing dust regularly. Use the wet cotton fabrics to help you in the cleaning process.

If your beanbag cover got stinky and stained, you can the magical ingredient which is baking soda. Pour some water on the baking soda and use it as a spray to clean the difficult stains and stinky things.

If it does not work you can rub it and wipe it with a damp piece of cotton cloth; then follow it with a dry one and let it dry.

Make sure that the bean bags covers have no problems that need to be fixed.

Refill your bean bag again. It is ready to be used and quite clean.

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