7 beanbags cleaning hacks you should know

Beanbags are flexible pieces of furniture that can be multi-used. If you have kids that spoiled your beanbags; or you just have poured some drinks on them; if they are used in the garden, or on the pool or even at home; they must have got some dirt or stains that need to be cleaned. Here are some cleaning hacks to help you.

Outside door beanbags

If they are in the garden and exposed to the windy, rainy, dreary weather; you might want to clean them in the garden outside the house. Grab a hose, a sponge and a cleaning scrub. Pour some water and some cleaning scrub and start to rub it. Use water to wash it and let it dry in the air.

Use stain remover

If there are some stains on your bean bags use the homemade stain remover. Homemade stain remover consists of baking soda, dawn, hydrogen peroxide. Put them together in a spray bottle, mix them; and it is ready. Spray some on the stains; leave for an hour, rub them with a sponge; then use a wet sponge to clean the stain remover and done.

Use the magical soft brush

Use high-quality soft brush; wet it in some water first, in this case, it protects the cover from being damaged while rubbing. You do not need any soapy water; rub the stain using the soft brush and wipe it with a dry cloth and done.

Wet cloth for cotton covers

For cotton covers, use an old toothbrush to rub the stubborn stains and dark spots. Put some soapy jell, drop some water drops on and rub them with the toothbrush.

Vinyl beanbags

Beanbags made of vinyl can be cleaned using a soft cloth with warm water. Wipe them carefully and try not to scratch them or make no damage.

Use sticky rubber

If you have pets and their fur scattered everywhere, then you might need to the sticky rubber. It will help you gather it all in a few seconds. It gathers also the scattered hair and dust.

Leather beanbags

You can use toothpaste and toothbrush to clean your leather bean bag. Put toothpaste and some water drops; rub them with the toothbrush or any other soft brush; leave them exposed to the sun. use a wet piece of cloth to clean the soapy foam.

Here are some notes to keep your beanbags clean

Always clean the dust using the dust remover every day.

Use some waterproof materials to keep your bean bags save from the pouring water or drinks.

Keep your pets in their specific place at home.

Always repair any seen holes to protect it from being damaged.

Use the baking soda with some water to clean the stains and give the bean bags fresh smell.

Use covers for bean bags that are outside the house to while they are not in use, to protect them from dust and rainy weather.

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