It is possible to make a lot of easy and simple handicrafts at home because handicrafts give an amazing impression when the home is decorated with them, especially in children’s room, these handicrafts don’t need a lot of expensive materials and tools to make them because it is very easy to make them by bringing some available materials at your own home which are also not being used a lot.

There are some things that you can make handicrafts out of them such as papers, in this article we will talk about some simple handicrafts that you can easily make them at home with the cheapest costs.

Make A Vase Out Of Glass Flasks 

Tools You Will Need

  • A glass flask.
  • unmeltable Colors in the water (paint or stable colors)
  • An injection.

How To Make It?

1- Put the unmeltable colors, use the injection in order to sip some of the colors, put the colors in the bottle by using the injection not to soil the nozzle of the bottle.

2- Spread the paint in the bottle by shaking it up until the paint spreads all over it, stir the bottle until the paint reaches all over the bottle in order to get rid of the excess paint which is inside the bottle, you should make sure that the paint has reached the bottleneck fully.

Make A Scented Candle Shaped As Heart 

Tools You Will Need

  • Vertical Wax.
  • Aromatic oil with your favorite smell.
  • Glass template shaped like a square.
  • A coffee-pot.
  • Butter papers.
  • A sprayer for spraying the oil.
  • A hairdryer.
  • A Heart-shaped cutter.
  • Candlewick.

How To Make It?

1- Bring butter papers, spray it with oil in order to facilitate removing the wax from the template, and then put the wax in the coffee-pot, and put the color and the smell you have chosen, then spill the wax on the butter papers and then leave it to cohere.

2- Then shape the wax as hearts using the heart-shaped cutter, take the hearts away from the wax and use the hairdryer to cool them, and then put the wax in the template slowly, then put the wick down to install wax, melt the rest of the wax, and put the color and the smell, thereafter add the wick to it.

Make A Pen Box Using Cardboard 

Tools You Will Need

  • Cardboard
  • A pair of scissors
  • Colored
  • Glue or adhesive

How To Make It?

1- Scissor the cardboard shaped like a square, and then you should cover the cardboard with colored papers using glue or adhesive, you can choose your favorite colors.

2- Roll the cardboard shaped like a circle, you should affix the edges of it using the glue, now you have made your new pen box, is not it difficult, I don’t think so.

Make Stockings At Home 

Things You Will Need 

  • A pair of scissors.
  • Chalk with your favorite color.
  • A pullover.
  • A tape measure

How To Make It?

1- Determine the length of the stockings you want using the tape measure, and then mark it with chalk, scissor the sleeves that you have determined their length by using a pair of scissors, we use these stockings to put it on the short shoes in order to give a nice and an attractive appearance.

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