Handicrafts with Newspapers

Handicrafts gives an amazing impression to the home depending on the maker style, as many of them are a part of the folklore such as sculpture art and painting on glass and mirrors, and shaping shapes by using clay materials, others, as that recycling some available items at home is one of the handicrafts, sometimes we do not pay attention to the available items,


You think that those items are unusable anymore, but you are mistaken though, because you can get benefit from them instead of pushing them aside, or even tossing them out, you can easily make new items out of them, it’s kind of decoration for your home, they don’t cost an arm and a leg, just simple costs, so you are going to learn how to make handicrafts with newspapers, I think you can find a big amount of newspapers at home,   

 Handicrafts With newspapers

newspapers are made of expensive papers in order to spread the news and announcements and information and articles, it’s a material that is so available at home, you can exploit it to make out of it beneficial handicrafts, or you can make baskets or bags or hats, and many other things,

The Materials

  • Newspapers
  • White glue
  • A wax gun
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Varnish
  • A brush
  • A long wooden stick
  • a pair of scissors


How To Make a Straw Basket

1- Cut the newspapers longitudinal and with 10 cm of width, then roll its tip on the wooden stick angular from the tip, complete the rolling process until you get along and thing tube, after that you should add a few of white glue on the final angle in order to affix it, then pull the wooden stick, after that repeat this process with the newspapers.

2- Paint two circles on the cardboard, then snip it, and then put the first piece of the cardboard on a flat surface, and paint its edges  with the white glue

3- You need to start to install the sticks of the rolled newspaper on the tips of the piece of the cardboard with space 2 cm between them

4- Put the other piece of the cardboard on the first piece of the cardboard after installing it, the rolled newspaper sticks, then put a heavy thing on the piece of the cardboard then leave it to dry completely

5- Start inserting the rolled sticks of the newspapers in order to prevent the sticks you have affixed from falling off, at the end of each stick you should affix another stick with the one which is before it by inserting it from the tip, install the tips with wax.

6- Make two hands for the basket, bring some of the rolled newspaper sticks and put them beside each other, then affix them from the tip until the end then install them with white glue, you can leave the basket as it is or you can make two hands for it, at the end of the day it’s up to you.

7- Paint the basket with white glue by the brush; leave it to dry, repeat this process three times because the white glue helps to keep the newspapers safe, strong

8- Paint the basket with a layer of varnish in order to look shiny, more beautiful.

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