Handmade Crochet and Important Tips

Crochet is one of the most beautiful handmade items, handmade is about decorating homes with different nice shapes of it, there are some of the clothes are made of crochet, many other items at home such as blankets, and socks and purses and mobile covers.

All of these things are made of crochet by using wool yarn, or silk, the word crochet is a derivative from the French language which means (Hooks) so be ready for reading our article because we are going to talk about a lot of things related to crochet.  


The Beginning of Crochet History

In 19th century crochet became one of the most important handmade items for homes all over the world especially in the cities of northern France and Ireland as well, in order to support communities that were affected by wars and the inability of agricultural crops.

It was a way of earning money for living, women, and kids would always stay at home making handmade items such as purses and blankets and clothes in order to get money.

 Types of Crochet Hooks

1- Metal hooks: are considered the most widespread in the world of handmade, most of the people who make crochet love to use it because it’s characterized by its lightweight and it’s strong, and it’s soft.

2- Plastic hooks: are not as good as metal hooks because plastic hooks are breakable and very weak, they are not soft at all, so you can choose what you like the most.

3- Wooden hooks: are made of coconut and other woods that have rounded and strong edge, wooden hooks are characterized by their various sizes, but they are not as strong as the metal hooks, but they are good though.

4- Double pointed needles are one of the best needles because they help to insert another color into the crocheted piece.

Types of stitches

  • Stitch half column
  • pillar stitch
  • Stitch padding
  • Sliding Stitch
  • Slipping stitch

Type of Crochet Yarn

 Normal Yarns 

  • Wool yarns: are used in making blankets, carpets, gloves, socks.
  • Silk yarns: are used in making evening dresses, clothing accessories.
  • Cotton threads: All clothes of all types of winter or summer clothes.

Important Notes for Making Crochet

Don’t ever buy expensive yarns because they are not good at all. So you should buy reliable types, plus you better buy a number of yarns that can be enough and proper for the crochet that you make, because the seller may run out of yarn before you finish off the pieces of crochet.


concerning buying the crochet hook, there is no a recommended specific size, because it’s up to what makes you feel comfortable while making the crochet, but it’s better if the hook has a big head in order to prevent stitches from slipping during making the pieces of the crochet, you can choose the hook size by reading the tips that are written on the instruction sheet.

Concerning to the yarns that you use during knitting a specific piece, you should keep them from being dusty, making crochet takes a long time, and this leads to soiling it especially if they are white yarns, so it’s better if you box them up, So this is the tips that you should do to make crochet pieces perfectly.

A pen and a paper

In order to register the things that you will need later on, so you need to write the steps down to organize everything.

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