Harmful beanbag effects

Beanbags are known as the healthy pieces of furniture; as they are known for their ability to reduce neck, shoulders and back pain. Beanbags fill is the responsible factor for the healing process. It is consists of shredded foam granules that confront the shape of your body. It comes covered with different types of cover materials such as cotton, leather, vinyl, chamois, polystyrene and microfiber cover materials. The healthiest among them is the cotton cover; as it can be cleaned easily; it is soft for the skin; it is healthier for kids and safe for their skin. However; have you ever thought that bean bags could be harmful to your health?


  ? How could beanbags be harmful to our health

The high-quality materials of the beanbag ensure its safety for human usage. The high-quality materials support your body and your backbone to be healthier and they organized the blood flowing system, which reflects on your health and contributing to reducing pains. In contrast, the law quality material could do the opposite; because they can make your pain worse, if the materials are not supportive to take your weight and to comfort the shape of your body.

Specific materials of beanbags activate cancer cells in your body.

Materials such as vinyl beanbag cover are working and supporting the activation of cancer cells; so you should avoid the whole beanbags that contain the vinyl materials, in order to keep your body safe and protect it. You should avoid all the beanbag products that contain a warning label.

 ? What makes the vinyl harmful to your health

The vinyl contains a chemical vinyl chloride colorless gas, which damage the reproductive system, causing a strong unstoppable headache and weaken the immune system; so it is not safe for babies or even adults. Vinyl chloride also is known by its bad effect on lungs, kidney, and male fertility and it is one of the reasons of having no children; you should avoid vinyl materials as much as you can in order to protect yourself and your family. By avoiding the vinyl materials you are making a great favor to other people. As for those who produce such dangerous materials you are refusing their ignorance and their exploitation to gain money without any consideration to those who are suffering.

Vinyl materials are cheap, so people are attracted to them in order to buy some cheap beanbag; in this case, they do not understand the risk they made by choosing vinyl material beanbag.




Some types of beanbags affect your health badly

The beanbags that affect your health badly are those that do not support your backbone enough; those increase the level of the pain; they do not reduce it at all; they make you suffer from usual pains. The low-quality materials that do not help you to relax are not doing their main function which is providing you with relaxation and comfort; as they are not comfortable at all.

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