Handicrafts were invented by housewives for many years but we don’t actually know how many years they are, housewives all around the world were seeking to benefit from everything available at home, and they were making something out of nothing, one of the things that they used to do is they would bring used plastic boxes in order to implant flowers and plants, they would also decorate and paint the plastic boxes to look attractive.

So in this article, you are going to learn how to make some different handicrafts, all you should do is to follow up these steps to make them perfectly and attractively.

Handicrafts, Make a Mosquito net using a reel woolen Thread

1- You need to bring a reel of a woolen thread, adhesive, it is much better to use silicone, and get a deep bowl in order to empty all the adhesive in it, then bring the reel of the woolen thread and unwind it and dip it in the adhesive and leave it for a couple of minutes in order to fully absorb the adhesive.

2- Meanwhile you need to blow up the balloon and fasten it tightly, bear in mind that the balloon size you have just blown up will determine the size of the lamp cover, if you want you a big-sized cover of a lamp then you should blow up the balloon until it becomes bigger in size in order to be suitable to attract you.

3- After the reel of woolen absorbs the adhesive, take the tips of thread in order to affix them to the balloons, you should roll the woolen thread cross-linked and intertwined in order to cover a big space of the balloon, and then leave it to dry for one night.

4- After doing it, you should empty the oxygen out of the balloons, then you will find a thread ball, then make a small hole in the thread ball in order to get rid of the balloons, install the thread ball in the lamp of the mosquito net through the rounded hole in order to get a new lamp cover with the cheapest costs.

Make Boxes To Restore Grains

1- You need different sizes of glass boxes and different colors and colored cane threads you can swap it with colored pigment or adhesive, at the beginning wash the glass boxes carefully and then leave them to dry, use a paintbrush in order to glue the adhesive on the outer surface of the glass box.

2- Then roll the colored cane threads or the colored pigment around the glass box with constant pressing on the threads in order to facilitate the process of affixing it, it’s preferable to leave the top of the box empty so that it’s easy to distinguish the type of the stored grains inside

3- But it is preferable to glue the cover of the box with the adhesive, and then you should spirally roll the threads on the outer surface and inside it, leave it to dry and when it is dry, you can easily restore the different grains in the big glass box, or you can put the spices in the small glass boxes.

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