Why bean bags are the ideal pieces of furniture in Egypt?

Bean bags are those revolutionary types of modern furniture that have conquered the Egyptian furniture stores. You might ask about the bean bags and how to choose them? What is best for you? What makes them special and worth your money? What features do they grant and provide you with? How to keep them new? How to look after them? Are they safe or not? Are they matching or nor? What materials could serve what you need? All these questions causing you over thinking and headache!!! But here is what you want to know

What is the bean bag?

Beanbag is a special piece of furniture that is filled with shredded memory foam. This fill makes it too light in weight and flexible in use and easy to be moved away from one place to another. This fill provides your body with the support you need in order to feel comfort and relaxation. Beanbag aims to suck all the negative energy caused by the tension and pressure of everyday life, which has been stored in your body causing you pains all over your body. It helps you modifying your sitting posture to protect your backbones, neck, and shoulders from being hurt. It also helps your blood system to flow smoothly in the right way which reduces your headache. It aims to raise your positive energy and wishful thinking while you are feeling comfortable and relaxed, so you can do better in your daily life and activities, which makes your life better and others too. Since people in Egypt are falling under stress and pressure all the time, which makes the bean bags to be the ideal types of furniture to them.

How to choose the best bean bag for you?

  • First of all, ask yourself why do you want to buy a bean bag? According to your need, you will choose the bean bag that serves your need perfectly. There are different types of bean bags that are available for you to choose what’s best for you.
  • Second, you should identify the available space that you have made for the bean bag; identifying the available space for bean bag is a very important step to choose the right bean bag that fit exactly with your need and to choose the best size for your space.
  • Third, pick the color that matches with your interior décor. As the perfect bean bag consolidate your decoration elements which creates the feeling that consuming you and take you to the feeling of harmony that you are seeking.
  • Check the quality of the bean bag materials is the most important element that you need to check. Bad quality causes a disaster, but the high quality ensures you the required comfort and the perfect feeling of relaxation.
  • Check the warning on the label and make sure that the bean bag is made of safe materials that do not cause cancer.
  • Make sure that the fill is available in your area, in case you needed to refill it to keep it new.
  • Check the sewing way. Make sure that it has been sewn with a row of double stitches in order to ensure that it lasts for a long time.
  • Check the zipper to see if it works perfectly. Make sure that the cover is removable, so you can change it and clean it easily.

What makes the bean bag worth your money?

  • Make sure that your bean bag is made of high-quality materials to ensure a total supporting for your body.
  • The bean bag should have been made of healthy materials to ensure you and your family safety.
  • Beanbag should be strong enough to take the heavyweights.
  • They should come with years of warranty in order to be replaced or fixed, in case something went wrong.
  • Bean bags provide you with the feeling of relaxation and comfort that relieve all of your pains.
  • Bean bags are too easy to be moved from one place to another.
  • Bean bags are made of materials that are friendly to the environment; unlike the traditional furniture that is made of wood.

How to keep them clean and new?

  • Looking after bean bags is a very interesting mission; as bean bags are easy to be cleaned and washed.
  • Do not leave them exposed to the sun rays and the trimmer weather; put the unused bean bags inside the house or in somewhere away from the sun.
  • Clean your bean bags from the dust and dirt daily; you should put in consideration the best cleaning way according to the bean bag materials; that help the materials to lasts for a long time.
  • Keep it away from dampness and wet places to keep it longer; as moistness damage the bean bag materials quickly.
  • Keep your pets away from your bean bags to keep it clean and new; clean your bean bags from pets’ fur to protect it from being ruined.
  • As for bean bag storage, you should store them in somewhere clean and dry, to protect them from being damaged.
  • Use fresh perfumes while cleaning bean bags to keep them smelling good.

How to clean bean bags?

  • Bean bags cover that made of cotton is easy to be washed in the washing machine with some soapy water, and let it dry in the air.
  • Leather cover materials, use a wet piece of cloth; then rub it carefully, and let it air dry.
  • Velvet cover materials can be cleaned by a wet piece of cotton cloth or a dry one. Wipe it all and let it dry on the air. If you found some stains or dark spots, you can use a soft brush to wipe them.
  • Chamois covers can be cleaned by using a dry piece of cloth to wipe it very well. You might need a soft brush in order to remove the stains or dark spots.
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Are bean bags safe for your family usage?

Of course, they are completely safe. They are made of soft materials that are friendly to the environment; that makes it safe and healthy too.

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