The importance of décor in the interior design

 Decoration for the home using wood, a lot of people think that the wood is only for making furniture and bedrooms only, so what will you do if your bedroom or your old furniture spoil?!! Of course, you will toss them out, but why will you do this? What should we do with the pieces of the spoiled furniture, and they no longer have any benefit?

 You are totally wrong because you can benefit from them by making new elegant decors instead of tossing them out, but you should not toss them out because we are going to tell you what you should do to make them useful again.

You can color and draw any old piece of wood, you can make a new painting for your kid’s bedroom, and you can engrave the wood and shape it as a letter of any one of the family’s name

You can make small shelves to put your books on, or you can make shelves for your kitchen in order to put the spice storages on them, you can make a small nice swing in the home garden for your kids to play, and that will cheer your kids up.


Decoration Secrets Simple touches to get attractive designs

One of the most overlooked decoration secrets is the difference between open and closed cabinets. According to decorators, open cabinets are more attractive, so it is recommended to rely on the home library or At least have a sliding door to be opened partially to highlight their contents and their consistency.

One of the secrets of decor that makes the place more shiny and lovely is non-accreditation on only one source of lightning that includes the design but the best thing is to use multi-systems and the diversity of brightness units from where it’s location and the intensity of brightness and that will make the place more poetic and full of .intimacy as it will be Suitable for various uses of control


The winter

 In the winter season, you should depend on a new decor in each room of your home add a warm touch, you miss in other designs; you are going to find out new distinctive ideas.

One of the important things is to use in salon colors such as gray and beige in order to enhance the essential room in your home, as you can use gray pillows and carpets for a distinctive touch.

in the bedroom, you can add some simple touches that are going to fully change the decor, you can add lit lights on the table of the bedroom, don’t ever hesitate to choose the wooden bed and wall that are suitable for the winter.

add a distinctive touch to the living room that will impress your guests, they will be excited to copy the style of your home, you can use a white carpet for the entrance of your salon, this decor style is very good for the winter period, don’t forget to put some flowers for a natural touch.

Decorate console in your room by adding elegant accessories that will add a distinctive touch like candles, the wooden designs for a natural touch, you will never regret doing this.

Good tips for your home decor

Women always want to have a beautiful decor and elegant home that can attract the guests by its wonderful designs, everyone wants to see their home the best ever, so give it some stunning touches.

1- Curtains: it’s normal to need the light of the sun that enters through the windows to add the vitality of the day to your home, so choose curtains that have light colors it will be better if the type of the cloth is soft in order to interact with the air

2- pillows: pillows have a special touch in the home decor especially in the living room, so it is nice to pick out those embossed and decorative pillows with consistent colors

3- White color: the white color is one of the most amazing colors that make a small room look bigger than they really look; it helps to make the accessories of the décor eye-catching

The importance of the elements of décor

The tables are one of the most important elements of decor that the designers attach importance to them, when it comes to designing in the interior decors, the sizes of them are large and eye-catching, plus sometimes they are the most important elements of the decor, such as the dining table in the dining room.

The designs of the tables and their types are multiple, the vitreous tables are the best and the most attractive whether these tables are fully made of glass or not, anyways, these tables add a beautiful touch to the places where they exist, they are available in a range of the modern designs that fit the modern decor,


The vitreous candlesticks of empty jars

Candlesticks are one of the decor elements that gives the place special elegance and it gives it a romantic touch, getting distinctive and elegant candlesticks is not a difficult thing, it doesn’t cost a lot of money,

You can make vitreous candlesticks of empty jars that look like the ones that are in the restaurants and hotels, but they will not cost you a lot, because you’re going to use cheap stuff and most of them are available in your home

When making vitreous candlesticks there are no special features or conditions that can be provided for the used jars, it can be of the transparent glass, it should be a suitable medium size,

Then the adhesive tape should be wrapped around the jar depending on the style you like the most, knowing that the width of the adhesive tape must be suitable for the size of the jar, you should leave some blank spaces between adhesive tapes.

To paint the wrapped adhesive tapes which are on the jars with adhesive, then begin to scatter glitter on them.

You can remove the more glitter by using a small soft brush and then brush it softly, not to remove the glitter which is on sides of the jar.

In the end, the adhesive tape is removed from the candlesticks to show us its final look. A transparent transverse line and parallel lines that is glossy with the glitter, so that it is ready to put candles or use for any other purpose, such as a desk or flower vase etc

The fifth step and the last one is how to make vitreous candlesticks is to add a candle with a suitable size and height for the jar so you can have a shiny candlestick and distinctive and it will be for sure a nice touch for any place where it exists

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