The importance of lighting in the interior design

The study of the interior design gives and grants its owner scientific and cultural dimension and foundations which they need in their work, such as the drawing, and designs that lead to the knowledge and realization and deep study, lighting is one of the most important things in decor because it gives your home a special soul.

The Interconnection and balance between all of the elements of space in terms of decor, engineering, such as ceilings and lighting, flooring and furniture and accessories, each spiritual designer has their own style that reflects their personality, it also teaches them how to master the interior design.


Color Management for lighting in the interior design

To use the lighting in the interior design in your home that can add or reduce the colors of the room or some of the ceilings that are highlighted to improve its beauty.

The bold colors make the room look smaller and narrower than it really is, while the light colors give an impression that the room is wider and larger.

The illusion of large space is known for reflecting lighting towards the ceilings and walls, some of the lighting types increase the lighting of the room such as light and the descending glow that lights the floor but not the walls.

It’s unlike the suspended lamps in the middle of the room that light the ambient walls; anyway it affects the range of the color whether it’s light or bold.

Directional light is one of the basics of lighting

The lighting of the interior design in the room it either lights all over the room or it highlights specific elements, the best example of topical lighting is the lamp of specified lighting by a lamp suspended from the ceiling.

It can be set by specific points. Such as a painting because the flowers which are on table or the kitchen, the directed lighting can be used in the floors in order to look amazing.

There’s an essential role to the lighting of the interior design. which is the stamina, you should provide the lighting because it’s wasting the electricity.

Put chandeliers in the wide and large places, or rooms because they give amazing lighting to the rooms.

The wall lights theoretically give the height and size. Consider the type of lighting you want to choose and get the best lighting of the place and location.

The space in the interior design

Both of natural lighting and Industrial lighting help to be impressed by the illusion of the space, make a spectrum of natural lighting that permeates through drake rooms.

If the light is not enough, you will feel like the room is small, it will even be worse if furniture arrangement is close to each other, such as the sofa and coffee table, the small table in front of the big table.

if the natural lighting is not enough as well as the space, the corner lamps and candlesticks will be the best way for lighting the room more, it will give it a bigger size, this applies to any location whether an office or a house etc, natural lighting is much better than industrial lighting because the colors be much clearer.

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