The Importance Of Lighting In the interior design

It is rare when most of us think about lighting in the interior design, but it has a vital role in our life, it helps us to see, it has an effect on how we feel, we feel more comfortable if there is enough lighting, and less comfortable if it is not enough, because it is one of the important things at home, so you need to choose the right lighting for the place where you are going to live, read this article in order to benefit from each point in it.

What About Swedish Lighting

Swedish people know a lot about light-ing, due to the place where they live in some of the country parts, most of the people spend the autumn inside their home because of the shortage of the normal daylight, and as a result, Swedish people gained a good skill of lighting layout for each room.

Light may fully change the appearance of the room, in addition to that, it helps us see and it rests the eyes from tiredness during working and playing.

It is totally able to give to the room a feeling of warmth and coldness wideness, one of the important things in light-ing is it helps us to see clearly, but it can not do this mission if you choose the wrong lamps, in addition to its essential function, the good light-ing helps us enjoy colors, dimensions depending on the type of the lamp that you choose.

Types Of Lighting, There Are Two Types Of Lighting

Directed light and diffused light, it requires a mixture of both of types in order to create a good light-ing space, directed light, radiates on a specific area, but it doesn’t light the room fully, diffused light, radiates on a bigger space, it’s very amazing.

Ambient light enhances specific characteristics in the room in order to show its distinctive appearance, this type of light comes with the table lamps, LED lamps. I think you would like to try this kind of light.

Ways To Use Light

There are three ways to use the light when planning your room lighting; you need to take into account the types of light-ing.

  • Functional light-ing.
  • Poetic light-ing.
  • Comprehensive light-ing

Functional lighting

Functional lighting: lets you do a lot of different things and missions comfortably, efficiency, whether reading or eating food or writing or doing something you like, functional lighting is the strongest in regard to light rays in the room.

Poetic Lighting

Poetic light-ing: helps in forming the room atmosphere, it makes it warm and attractive and comfortable, poetic light-ing helps to create and show the amazing atmosphere that you want to create, as it also expands the generated spotlight by the functional lighting.

It reduces the annoying contrast, in addition to a lot of table lamps, decorative lamps, the light of candles be like the poetic light-ing.

Comprehensive Lighting

The effective Comprehensive light-ing provides amazing lighting to all the room which is very good, usually when the light comes from the functional light-ing and the poetic lighting is enough to fulfill the need for the comprehensive lighting. I think this is one of the perfect lighting ever.

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