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Importance of lighting in the interior design

 The interior design is about art that processes the places and empty spaces with furniture and lighting, both of them are very important in the interior design, our website is going to help you find out some styles and types of lighting in the interior design, so you can choose the most suitable style you like the most. Today we will share with you some ideas related to the lighting.

Interior lighting

The interior lighting is one of the most important elements in the interior design, the art and the beauty of your home design will never appear without good lighting, which is planned professionally.

With a good company that can provide this in order to comfort you, this professional light-ing should be in each room of the home so you can feel the real meaning of relaxation.

The study room and reading room need intense lighting, everything that’s related to work should have intense lighting because the work and computer rooms need light ambient lighting in addition to a special lamp for reading and work.

But the kitchen needs diverse light-ing because of food preparation, plus the light backlight that is under the basin and upper and lower cabinets. By the way, your home is one of the things that you should make it beautiful because you’re living in it with your family so you can be proud of how beautiful it is in front of your friends, do your best to make it the best.

Rooms of the house

الاضاءة في التصميم

In the rest of the rooms of the home, the room which is lit brightly that gives a positive feeling, and makes you feel optimistic, the living room that depends on strong light-ing, but the softly lit rooms are closer to the darkness, also give you a romantic feeling such as bedrooms where we need quietness and intimacy.

One type of the lighting that should not be used in one place, you better avoid strong and low light-ing, you should depend on the medium light-ing that can be suitable for the psychological and moody state of your family members.

On the other hand, we better use the lamps that can be suitable for the home decor; they may be as traditional lamps or large luxury chandeliers suitable for large salons.

Using the lamps differs depending on the lighting  that the room needs whether night or day, Some rooms need lamps to be in the middle of the ceiling, so the lighting can spread in all over the room,

In addition to the side light-ing that can be in the living room or the food room, but the bedrooms need strong light-ing because the modern designs use light-ing on both sides of the bed or on the wall, don’t ever direct the light towards the mirror because it will reflect on you and that will be annoying

Providing types of lamps that have different light-ings in the same room, they create a type of change like it can easily help you get rid of bad mood and depression, sounds weird right? If you want to make fun amusement light-ing you can put many lamps on the floor and mural lamps on the table in one room, all of this diversity will make a nice feeling in the place. You should give it a shot one day and I’m pretty sure you will like it.


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