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Many people are talented and have skills to control their hand muscles which help them make lots of different types of handmade items, and they are able to make perfect handmade items in a very short time, which is very good to earn money, as it is possible for other people to practice making handmade items by starting to make simple items and that makes you perfect over time, as you know practice makes perfect.Handmade 01

Making Handmade Items Such As a Wastebasket For The Living Room

The living room always needs a nice-looking handmade wastebasket that matches with the decor and the furniture of the living room as well, if you want to make this type of the handmade wastebasket, you need to provide adhesive that has a good quality, a good wastebasket with thick threads that has a proper color that can match with the decor and the furniture color.

1- You should clean the wastebasket from inside and outside with soap and water and then leave it in the ray of the sun until it dries

2- You should glue the adhesive on the outside of the wastebasket in order to be wrapped all over the sides

3- you should wrap the threads around the wastebasket don’t forget to stack threads next to each other not to leave any spaces that can spoil the appearance of the wastebasket  

4- You should cut away the excessive thick threads, and leave the wastebasket until it dries. Don’t forget any of these tips.

5- You should warp the outer flat part of the wastebasket with adhesive

6- Start rolling the thread on the cover of the wastebasket from its center point towards the outside, when it’s done then you should leave it dry

7- You can decorate the wastebasket by adding some suitable accessories to it, so it can look more beautiful like you can add industrial flowers or you can also add some of the colored beads with different colors.


To make distinctive and new necklace for the neck, you need to provide adhesive and scissors and silk thread, and cardboard, in addition to a bunch of colored beads, as you can choose different colors or the one you like the most

1- You should cut the colored papers like a star or a flower or a heart or any other shape which is suitable for your neck

2- The cardboard is made of two small pieces of opposite side edges and a long piece of silk thread is fixed in each hole.

3- You should glue the adhesive on the sides of the specific shape in the previous step, then affix beads to it by lining it neatly on the cardboard, and leave until dry.

4- Now your necklace is ready to wear it, are handmade items easy, so it’s a very good thing to experience different things because we are in this life to try everything.

Handmade 03


If you want to do a fionka for your hair, you need to provide a bunch of cloth with different colors and get park clips, in addition to sharp scissors and a needle and thread and adhesive

1- Cut the cloth in the form of rectangles of different sizes.

2- Sew each side of the rectangular rectangle together.

3- Each rectangle is pulled from the middle with a thin thread and then you should tightly tie it to form the fionka

4- You affix each fionka on each one of the hair clips by using adhesive

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