بيج بولا بين باج



The Beanbags chair has become an integral part of any modern house decor because of its ease of moving from place to another place inside the home, also it is very comfortable in use especially for the elderly and children.

The first person who made the beanbags chair was a man named “Auster Watcher” when he was looking for any convenient way for his dog. He collected the bean bags and inserted them into some of them so that the chair was comfortable for the dog. This chair speeded all over the world with different materials used in its manufacture and became a very great discovery. It became a very huge project later on.

Beanbag became a basic furniture piece in most modern houses, where it was widely accepted and spread rapidly among many people.

The Beanbag is not like any ordinary chair in the house but it is the best piece of furniture and the most comfortable for everyone. At first, people would buy it for the children, especially the baby, but because it was one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture that adults would prefer to use more than children.

The Beanbag is still in its original form because it is the easiest form that many people can make at home. In addition to this usual form, some furniture manufacturers have produced innovative and modern forms for the chairs of the Beanbag with the use of fabrics in new shapes and colors in line with modern times.


 BeanBags Material & Fabrics

If you have any old t-shirt you can make a fantastic beanbag. You will need a pair of scissors, some old clothes, and some thread.

The main material in the beanbags chair is fabric, and the main idea in the manufacture of it that was filled with fiber.

Beanbag has become one of the basic furniture pieces in a lot of modern houses nowadays. It also a stylish piece can be put at any corner in the room. It not only used for homes but also can be used at PlayStation shops, nurseries, offices and in gardens. There are many materials for bean bags such as leather, chamois, waterproof  PVC, and cotton. they all easy to clean.

It’s important to keep your furniture clean in order to protect yourself and your family from a different disease. Sometimes we use different kind of cloth that we do not know the way to clean them. Bean bags like any other thing


BEAN BAGS cleaning hacks

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If they are in the garden and exposed to the windy, rainy, dreary weather; you might want to clean them in the garden outside the house. Grab a hose, a sponge and a cleaning scrub. Pour some water and some cleaning scrub and start to rub it. Use water to wash it and let it dry in the air.

If there are some stains on your bean bags use the homemade stain remover. Homemade stain remover consists of baking soda, dawn, hydrogen peroxide. Put them together in a spray bottle, mix them; and it is ready. Spray some on the stains; leave for an hour, rub them with a sponge; then use a wet sponge to clean the stain remover and done

Use high-quality soft brush; wet it in some water first, in this case, it protects the cover from being damaged while rubbing. You do not need any soapy water; rub the stain using the soft brush and wipe it with a dry cloth and done.

For cotton covers, use an old toothbrush to rub the stubborn stains and dark spots. Put some soapy jell, drop some water drops on and rub them with the toothbrush.

Bean bags made of vinyl can be cleaned using the soft cloth with warm water. Wipe them carefully and try not to scratch them or make no damage.

If you have pets and their fur scattered everywhere, then you might need to the sticky rubber. It will help you gather it all in a few seconds. It gathers also the scattered hair and dust.

You can use toothpaste and toothbrush to clean your leather bean bag. Put toothpaste and some water drops; rub them with the toothbrush or any other soft brush; leave them exposed to the sun. use was et piece of cloth to clean the soapy foam.


: Beanbags cleaning notes

  • Keep your bean bag clean by removing dust regularly. Use the wet cotton fabrics to help you in the cleaning process
  • If your bean bag cover got stinky and stained, you can the magical ingredient which is baking soda. Pour some water on the baking soda and use it as a spray to clean the difficult stains and stinky things
  • If it does not work you can rub it and wipe it with a damp piece of cotton cloth; then follow it with a dry one and let it dry
  • Make sure that the bean bags covers have no problems that need to be fixed
  • Refill your bean bag again. It is ready to be used and quite clean
  • Always clean the dust using the dust remover every day
  • Use some waterproof materials to keep your bean bags save from the pouring water or drinks
  • Keep your pets in their specific place at home
  • Always repair any seen holes to protect it from being damaged
  • Use the baking soda with some water to clean the stains and give the bean bags fresh smell
  • Use covers for bean bags that are outside the house to while they are not in use, to protect them from
  • dust and rainy weather
  • You should learn to maintain your bean bag materials or covers in a proper way in order to keep it for a long time.
  • You should clean your bean bag daily, in order to prevent it from getting much dust or dirt; but you have to learn the right way to deal with each material cover, for example, bean bag covers that made of cotton, microfiber or polystyrene can be washed in the washing machine; but those who are made of leather, vinyl or chamois it is enough to get damp cotton cloth and wipe them carefully; then let them dry in the air.
  • Always remove stains to keep it look new
  • Use a waterproof cover to protect your bean bag from the pouring drinks or stinky sweets
  • Keep your pets away from your bean bag to protect it from pets’ urine
  • Always refresh your bean bag smell by using fresheners and fabric softener
  • Always choose bean bags with lighter colors as darker colors fade quickly
  • Do not leave bean bags exposed to moisture temperature for a long time; because of moistness damages the inner and outer materials of the bean bag
  • Store the bean bags in a dry place, but you should clean them before storing to protect them from damage

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