Simple Handicrafts For home


Simple Handicrafts For home

The handicrafts are one of the applied Arts that depend on processing the simple materials by using hands without using a machine, it’s characterized by the diversity and innovation of the basic materials such as, papers and clay, and it is possible to reuse the available materials that are at home, you can transform them to be nice-looking and have an eye-catching appearance, and you don’t need to pay a lot of money to renew and reuse the items, you will your home look more beautiful.

frames on wall0

Ideas for home handicrafts, frames for decorating the wall of the kitchen

  • A wooden board that has a good appearance
  •  Middle-sized screws and a hammer
  • A colored pencil
  • And colored threads
  • Colored usable paint for wood

Step to make a frame

  1. Apply the favorite paint to the wooden board
  2. Draw a spoon or a fork by the colored pencil
  3. Hammer the screws by the hammer taking into account the equal spaces.
  4. Fasten the two ends of the thread and pass it on all the screws to determine the shape, after that warp the thread on the screws randomly in order to get the wanted appearance.
  5. Wipe off the frame, and then hang on the corner of the kitchen.

Clothes hanger

  • A piece of wood that is rectangular.
  • Handles, screws, a pencil, a nailer gun.
  • A bucket of paint, a paintbrush.

Steps to make it

  1. Paint the piece of the wood with your favorite color, then leave it to dry
  2. Determine the place where you will install the curved wrought, mark it with the pencil
  3. Hammer the screws by making holes using the nailer gun
  4. Install the curved wrought on wooden board

Flowers using ceramic paste

  • A cup of white glue
  • One and a half cups of starch.
  • Metal wire, varnish, and colors.

Steps to make it

Blend the ingredients, (starch, and white glue) together to form a paste that does not stick, and then put it in a plastic bag, leave it for 15 minutes, put it on a table that’s sprinkled with starch, cut it to get the wanted shape.

Move it to another place that is sprinkled with flour, then leave it for like 15 minutes after it dries, you can shape it like a flower by using a special machine that’s specialized in shaping.

Install the metal wire in the back of the flower by using the white glue, put gloves on, install the seeds in the flower you have made,  you should collect the flower parts in a good way so as not to interfere, color the flower petals with the colors you like the most.

Kitchen shelves

You can get a type of distinctive shelves to hang it on the wall

  • A number of trays with protruding edges.
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint or a spray

How To Make It?

Clean the trays very carefully before you start, paint each tray with a distinctive color by using the paintbrush, taking into account to clean it after you finish coloring, be aware of mixing the colors together, leave the trays to dry, hang the trays on the wall, you can use these shelves to put mugs on them, or the spice containers, all of these handmade items are ready to use them.

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Handicraft Ideas For Kids


Handicraft Ideas For Kids

In this article we are going to share with you some ideas about decorating your children’s room, you can make them with your hands, because the kids love the toys and the delightful places that are full of decorations because these things make them feel happy, but many people say if we want to change the room decor that is going to cost a lot of money just to provide a special appearance of the rooms.

But we will present some ideas in order to decorate your children’s room, this doesn’t cost a lot of money to do it, so you should follow these steps to be able to make a decoration for your children’s room by yourself.


First Idea

You can put decorations shaped like different sizes of clouds, in addition to colored canvas ribbons under the cloud in order to make it look more amazing and beautiful, you should affix cardboard in the canvas ribbons shaped like a drop of water so that the visitors can write on it a good sentence to remember as you can put floral sequins because this color is loved by the children.

It a very delightful color, it’s preferable if you install the sequins in the transparent threads which are in the background of the cloud, this is with regard to the small cloud, but with regard to the big cloud, you can make it of cloth stuffed with fiber cotton.

You can use a flow master pen in order to write some wonderful expressions on the cloud or to draw anything that your kid likes; this can be done on the white part of the paper cloud because kids love this kind of drawings

Second Idea

You can also make a big cloud above your kid’s bed, hang some drops of rain as it’s raining in addition to that, you can color each drop with a different color, and I think this is going to be eye-catching for your kid and it will cheer him/her up, now you have a choice to hang some of the transparent threads on the cloud


Third Idea

You can easily make some simple decorations of tree trunks, bring cardboard with yellow color and pink and light green and brown in addition to strong transparent threads so that they can move while they are hanging on the wall, get two sticks and install them in the wall in order to hang the decorations on them.

Fourth Idea

As long as you have some cardboard and baize, so you can make this decoration, scissor the baize shaped like butterflies in order to sew each butterfly thereafter leave the end of the rest thread long so that it gives a beautiful appearance, put a reel of woolen thread in each butterfly, if you don’t have it you can replace it with balls

Just to give an amazing appearance to your child’s room, after it’s complete you must install them on a circle of cardboard covered with a paper napkin, we hope you have benefited from our simple article

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Types Of Curtains


Types Of Curtains, And The Best Of Them

Curtains reflect wonderful touches in the decor of the home in addition to that, they make the decor look perfect, decorators keen on providing lots of types of curtain,s in order to suit every room and to be suitable for the designs, usually, each woman confuses when choosing the suitable type of the curtain,s for every room, confusion might increase when they think about the type of the fabric of curtains for the design they have chosen for each room of the home. If you are getting married soon, you should read this article carefully in order to get the most suitable curtain, s.

Curtains 2

Chiffon Curtain,s

Chiffon curtain,s: are made of simple and light fabric and they are also very soft, we all know how soft and beautiful they are, there are a lot of colors and shapes and styles of chiffon curtains, they look beautiful and eye-catching.

Blackout Curtain,s

Blackout curtain,s: are very black and they are made of thick fabric in order to block off the light of the sun, it is preferable to use them in the bedrooms in order to block off the light of the sun because it disturbs the sleeper.

 Blackout curtain,s have a very beautiful appearance, it reflects on the room where they are, they have a lot of different colors, they can match with “chiffon curtains”; they make a great couple together.

 Organza Curtains

Organza curtain,s: are very beautiful and elegant and belong to (chiffon) a little bit, they have glossiness, there are embroidered curtain,s, and engraved curtain, sand transparent curtain,s, organza fabric is transparent, you can put it in any room in order to give it a beautiful appearance, you can mix between blackout and the soft chiffon, they also have lots of different colors.

Satin Curtain,s

The fabric of the stain is very beautiful and it’s shiny, it has a lot of colors, hanging the stain curtains has a style that matches with home furniture, the colors of the curtains should match with the furniture which is in the living room, especially the stain curtains should match with the furniture in order to be eye-catching and beautiful.

Curtains 3

Lace Curtain’s

Lace curtains: are very classic and beautiful and they are suitable for all the elegant styles, they are eye-catching and attractive, and they have a wonderful touch, lace curtain,s suit all the types of furniture, the white lace curtains suit the brown and white and beige furniture, I think there is nothing more attractive and beautiful than this.

Cotton Curtain

Cotton curtain,s: have a special appearance and they make the rooms look very beautiful because of the special touch they have, the cotton curtain,s are very easy to use, are very easy to be cleaned as well, there are a lot of styles and colors of them,  so you can choose whatever you like the most of these stunning styles.

Turkish Curtain,s

Turkish curtains: are one of the most wonderful and nice-looking curtains, sever, the fabrics that factories use in order to make the Turkish curtain,s are “amaranth” because they have a nice soft touch, the Turkish curtain,s suit all the styles and match with a lot of furniture.

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The Interior Design In Kitchen

The Importance Of The Interior Design In Kitchen 

 The kitchen is the place where you use to cook, sometimes some of the family members use it in order to eat food, so organizing it helps housewives cook quickly, but in regard to the shape of the kitchen it doesn’t matter if it’s rectangular or square in shape, but what matters how it’s designed perfectly, the kitchen is one of the most important places at home so, you will get some information that can help you feel good while choosing everything. 


There are lots of questions before designing any kitchen.

Cooking: are you the one who cooks or someone else?

Members: how many members use the kitchen while cooking time?

Cooking: are you one of the people who like to cook and make a lot of categories of food?

Food: are you used to eating in the kitchen?

Storing: do you have a lot of tools for cooking like devices including their types?

Purchase: do you buy a big amount of food wholesale?

Dining-Room: will be there a dining-room?, that in order to put dishes and spoons etc..

After the good over thinking, let us start talking about the design of the desirable kitchen because you need it to have the best appearance ever and the design of the kitchen should be suitable for your family members’ needs as well.

Conditions and advice should be provided in the kitchen.

Firstly: Location 

1- You must choose the place of the kitchen so that the sun and the atmosphere can enter it, it’s preferable to be near the dining-room so that to be easy for the housewife to transfer the food quickly, you can make an opening in the dividing wall between the kitch-en and the dining-room in order to facilitate the process of moving.

Secondly: Space 

2- The space of the kitchen must be very wide so that the pieces of furniture can be furnished perfectly and also it should be suitable for you to be able to move everywhere in it. That’s why the space of the kitchen should be wide, you will feel more comfortable while moving to the kitch-en..  

Thirdly: Ventilation 

3- The amount of the air must be suitable for the members who work in the kitchen, as the ventilation must be done by exiting the hot air that is full of the food smell, “air suction vent” is very good for the kitch-en because it replaces the polluted air with pure air, the windows are also enough to do the same thing.

Fourthly: Lighting 

4- The lighting must be shining and strong and distributed properly, it’s preferable if the lighting is spotted in the place that you use the most.

Fifthly: Flooring 

5- The walls must be covered with porcelain and the ceiling must be painted with oil painting in order to be easy to be cleaned. 

Sixthly: Basins 

6- You should provide one basin or two basins depending on the size, the basin should have a good type, easy to clean, and non-greasy such as stainless steel, and it should be kind of deep.,

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How To Choose An Interior Decorator


How To Choose An Interior Decorator

Some individuals feel daunted at the idea of employing an interior decorator. It used to be just the wealthy who hire designers.

That’s when you intend to take into consideration the solutions of an interior decorator. An interior decorator will certainly do the research and legwork for you. You do have to do a little homework, though. Before employing an interior decorator, determine exactly what you’re anticipating from the decorator regarding your task and also just what do you want the decorator to do for you.


Homeowner’s homework

Remember the complying with for when you consult with a decorator for your assessment:

This is really important due to the fact that it will determine what sources are offered to the decorat_or to meet your budget plan demands. Resources are changed; the interior decorator’s cost is not.

If you do not know your style, utilize enhancing books, publications, and home brochures that offer an indication of the things you like. This will certainly offer the decorat_or an aesthetic of what you are looking for in your task.

When you employ an interior decorat_or you understand that you will certainly be getting shade. Be prepared to know just what shades you like and also dislike; this goes for the various other participants of your family.

  1. Know what devices and also items you are keeping, as well as which you prepare to get rid of. If you have an antique Aunt Martha’s that need to deal with the decor, you must allow the interior decorat_or recognize that.
  2. The Room. Be prepared to allow the decorat_or know exactly what the job space is most likely to be utilized for, in the event it is not apparently apparent, like a cooking area. That will be utilizing this space? Exactly what will be the function of the area?

If you have pet dogs and they are not in evidence at the time of your assessment, let the decorat_or know that you have pets. This will certainly aid in figuring out the type of textiles used, particularly if your pets normally have a cost-free variety of your home.

  1. Photos. As previously stated, pictures are always excellent to carry hand to mirror a style you like, or basic furnishings, fabric or color choices.
  2. Do It Yourself. If you wish to attempt and also cut down on the cost of some of the designing, you could indicate to the interior decorat_or this preference. If you like to paint, and also do it well, there need to be no reason you can not paint a task room on your own. You’ll additionally save yourself a number of hundred bucks.
  3. decoration-01


The interior decorator will certainly bring to your job:

  1. The ability to pay attention. When the decorat_or comes to your home for the examination, they need to pay attention diligently as well as do a walkthrough of the job space.
  2. The ability to earn the appropriate item selections for your project.
  3. Creative concepts and also services for your task.
  4. Aiding to produce your color and design plan by revealing you material and paint examples, and also suggesting surface area remedies such as floor covering.
  5. The mindset that this is your home as well as ought to reflect the design and characters of the family members living there, not the decorators.
  6. A determination to create the home of your dreams.
  7. Tips as to the best ways to improve a home’s feature by applying style concepts of shade, structure, balance, and so on


If after your assessment with an interior decorator, you feel you have made a connection with this person, and trust funds them sufficient making the best selections, you will enter into a contract signed by both you and also the decorat_or. This not just secures both the property owner and also the decorator, however, need to state the  project information.see also

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Charges vary depending upon the interior decorator; whether it’s a tiny or huge company; as well as whether it’s a residential or premium domestic decorator.

A few of the basics are:

In some cases interior designers will certainly offer a totally free one-hour consultation, yet after the initial hour fees apply. Use your time with the decorat_or wisely.

* Fixed – also called Flat Charge, as well as might consist of a cap on the hours that are consisted of within that fee.

* Percent – likewise described as Price Plus. This is calculated in between 15-30% above price, as well as does not consist of shipment or sales tax.

* Retail – is precisely what it states. It coincides list price you would certainly pay, as some stores do not discount to the trade.

* A Combination of any of the above.

Dealing with an interior decorator could be a positive, gratifying and also rewarding experience. If you do your research beforehand and utilize the assessment time wisely, this can be a headache complimentary experience. You may appreciate it a lot that who understands, perhaps you will do something keeping that visitor space before your mommy involves see.

Before working with an interior decorator, decide just what you’re expecting from the decorator concerning your job and just what do you want the decorator to do for you.

When you hire an interior decorator you know that you will be obtaining color. If you have an heirloom of Auntie Martha’s that have to work with the decor, you ought to allow the interior decorator to recognize that.

If you desire to cut and also try down on the expenditure of some of the decorating, you could show to the interior decorator this preference. Occasionally interior designers will certainly offer a complimentary one-hour appointment, however after the very first hour charges use. see also

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