Importance of interior design and its types and styles


 Importance of interior design and its types and styles

Every one of us has their own design style, your house also indicates your own personality, your house is your own that you can give it what you feel, like decoration is one of the best things to make your house beautiful, whether you are a classic person that likes luxury, or you are a humble person that adores simplicity and practicality, you will find out that your own house expresses your personality. This website is going to present different ideas about styles of interior designs to be able to choose what interior designs that really fit your personality.

 1 – The classical style of luxury lovers

While mentioning the classical style, luxury comes directly to your mind because the classical interior design style basically depends on the balance and the consistency and the details that are full of elegance and classics.

classic design


The classic interior design style is a derivative style of ancient Greco-Roman, there’s a fireplace in the living room and that is one of the most important details in the classic style.

Sometimes the fireplace is the central point of designing the living room, and then the rest of the furniture is organized around it because it’s the most Important in the living room.

2 – Neoclassic is a combination of classic and modernity

The experts of the decoration are the main reason to develop and the classical interior style by adding some details and touches that combine luxury and simplicity together. Neoclassic is characterized by choosing modern designs and colors for the decorations.

new classic

While retaining the glamorous classical interior design style features of gilded details and strong lighting that’s reflecting the shiny and gilded surfaces in the classic design. But the flooring design has the style of neoclassic.

3 – Modern style

The beginning of the modern interior design style was set in 1919 by a bunch of German experts and designers, after that, they established “Bauhaus School” it’s a German school of design, the modern style is characterized by the excessive simplicity, calmness and practical as well.

It’s an ideal style for those who seek for practical and tricks that fasciculate the quick lifestyle, the modern interior design style depends on simple colors, there are two essential colors used in this style.


Wall designs are often painted with neutral light colors, this modern interior design style fits small apartments for its simple details that give an impression that the apartment is larger than it really looks.

4- Modern simplicity

There are many people get confused between “Contemporary interior design Style” and “modern style” and people think that it’s one style though, but the contemporary style differs from the modern style.


 Even though they are similar in some details such as comfort and simplicity and intimacy, but the contemporary interior design style depends on bold colors, high ceiling designs, the selection of modern furniture and fabrics mostly from colored cotton.

5 – Chic style

Chic style is one of the shapes of interior design which has special elegance, it is a pattern taken from antique furniture which you may think it is obsolete, so if you have a wooden old table or an obsolete closet.

Chic style

 You are thinking of getting rid of them, you should not do this because you can decorate your house with them, that’s what we call chic style. The beginning of chic style started in 1980 in Britain, and then it started spreading all over the world.

interior design and flooring


The importance of interior design and flooring

floorings are the most important essential elements for any space, whether it’s closed or open, but most of us are not interested in this matter, and we keep searching for other easier choices, we find that the most common ceramic ones are 60,60 or porcelain or while searching for a kind of change,

we always find that the ones of parquet are the optimal solution, but the world of flooring is large and wide and limitless, so our website is going to present a bunch and diverse of different flooring designs, we have some important tips to choose your own suitable style, so enjoy reading and buy what you like the most.


1 – Choose the suitable flooring

You should know that there is an important step in the design which is to choose the suitable parquet flooring, choosing the flooring is very important.

It comes before everything, even though the diversity and the different choices you have, but the bewilderment will make you lose your mind.

Especially if you don’t know the difference between each type, what also matters is to realize that each style has services and a suitable and a special parquet flooring for it,

Each space needs its suitable parquet flooring, so you should choose the suitable choices in order to complete your design.

2 – Special effects

The parquet flooring that differs from style to another; it’s contrary to what most people think that the difference comes only with its type that carries all the wood effects.

But in recent days, modern types of tiles appeared, so now you can easily choose the colors and the types and the special effects, as for the way of cleaning and installing them is way much easier than parquet

3 – Different types

As for the parquet, despite the appearance of all similar types and styles, but it still maintains its elegance and beauty, the parquet has its special way of installing it.

Cleaning it is an important mission to constantly and regularly do, because this helps to make it maintain as long as possible, so choose the type you like the most and enjoy living in your fancy new home.

4 – Traditional tiles

Traditional tiles despite its simplicity but its beauty and value are still around in the world of the interior design, especially in old heritage houses

But that doesn’t mean we are telling you buy it though, you have freedom of choice, as long as you would like to make your house the best ever.

5 – One piece

One piece of flooring how come?, For example in palaces, integrated flooring is selected and it’s installed by a special way in order to look like one piece, how can this be done in our small house?

Sometimes we resort to hiding the spaces between the small ones to look like a big one, Also the flooring of the proxy is new “Shiny and non-shiny” proxy that presents flooring with special effects.

6 – Two different types together

 If you use two different types together of the flooring, especially if one of them is parquet, use a suitable break to maintain them from spoiling,

Also to keep their appearance beautiful, so you can be proud of your home because if your guests come over, so they can see your how beautiful your home is.

The types and kinds of interior design, flooring

Flooring is one of the most important things in the interior design, you have the right to choose the style you like the most, we have already talked and shared some styles with you in the other article, so in this article, we will share the rest of the styles and types here so I hope you enjoy reading.

flooring in egypt


Mosaic is one of the wonderful choices in any design especially in floorings, it has a special beauty. So you can choose it for your home because it looks amazing and it fits any house.

Modern tiles

 The modern style is a big world in floorings and it’s full of the wonderful and suitable choices, I think you will like it because it’s totally great; it gives your house a nice touch of beauty.

A special effect

The old-fashioned tiles are of the latest fashion and are used in different styles such as Scandinavian, rural, modern and modern. Maybe you would like to install your house with them.

Non-traditional tiles

Tile chess is one of the most common types in the interior design, but it recently appeared chaotic, which suits the lovers of craziness, and the people who don’t love routine, I think if you take your kids opinions about it, they will probably like this style because it looks very wonderful and crazy.

Colored wood

Is there colored wood?!! .. This is the evidence, it’s called the colored parquet, and it’s made of wood in various colors of one type or different types, mostly from beech with red oak, which is the strongest wood

 This colored type is used to give joy and brightness to the atmosphere of the house especially in the living rooms and children’s bedrooms, it can also fit the reception room, and this makes the guests feel happy because they are in a non-traditional housing.

Brushed marble tile

 The brushed marble tile is the most elegant and beautiful choices in our house, maintaining it. Is very important, the types and the effects differ, you can use special formations and they can be replaced by bright porcelain because they have a similar appearance.

Multiple types in one place

You can use more than a type and a different material in one space, it’s a very wonderful idea to carry out, and you should give it a shot. Don’t ever hesitate to try everything in the interior design as long as your goal is to make your house the best

New look

 The small unit should not have a specific design, it’s either square or oblong, there are a lot of types appear every day, Andalusian tiles are one of the most beautiful types in the world of interior design. Ultimately, you will have a unique model for your home.

Different level

If the level of spaces differs, you can use different floorings to distinguish them, or if you’re searching for a special way because of the variety of the level of floorings, such as the bathroom or the bedroom.

A painting

A painting from a traditional tile, you will not believe that it is one of the cheapest materials available now and yet the designer could find art and beauty. It’s one of the best floorings ever because it has many advantages such as. It’s beautiful and it’s the cheapest.

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