The importance of décor in the interior design


The importance of décor in the interior design

 Decoration for the home using wood, a lot of people think that the wood is only for making furniture and bedrooms only, so what will you do if your bedroom or your old furniture spoil?!! Of course, you will toss them out, but why will you do this? What should we do with the pieces of the spoiled furniture, and they no longer have any benefit?

 You are totally wrong because you can benefit from them by making new elegant decors instead of tossing them out, but you should not toss them out because we are going to tell you what you should do to make them useful again.

You can color and draw any old piece of wood, you can make a new painting for your kid’s bedroom, and you can engrave the wood and shape it as a letter of any one of the family’s name

You can make small shelves to put your books on, or you can make shelves for your kitchen in order to put the spice storages on them, you can make a small nice swing in the home garden for your kids to play, and that will cheer your kids up.


Decoration Secrets Simple touches to get attractive designs

One of the most overlooked decoration secrets is the difference between open and closed cabinets. According to decorators, open cabinets are more attractive, so it is recommended to rely on the home library or At least have a sliding door to be opened partially to highlight their contents and their consistency.

One of the secrets of decor that makes the place more shiny and lovely is non-accreditation on only one source of lightning that includes the design but the best thing is to use multi-systems and the diversity of brightness units from where it’s location and the intensity of brightness and that will make the place more poetic and full of .intimacy as it will be Suitable for various uses of control


The winter

 In the winter season, you should depend on a new decor in each room of your home add a warm touch, you miss in other designs; you are going to find out new distinctive ideas.

One of the important things is to use in salon colors such as gray and beige in order to enhance the essential room in your home, as you can use gray pillows and carpets for a distinctive touch.

in the bedroom, you can add some simple touches that are going to fully change the decor, you can add lit lights on the table of the bedroom, don’t ever hesitate to choose the wooden bed and wall that are suitable for the winter.

add a distinctive touch to the living room that will impress your guests, they will be excited to copy the style of your home, you can use a white carpet for the entrance of your salon, this decor style is very good for the winter period, don’t forget to put some flowers for a natural touch.

Decorate console in your room by adding elegant accessories that will add a distinctive touch like candles, the wooden designs for a natural touch, you will never regret doing this.

Good tips for your home decor

Women always want to have a beautiful decor and elegant home that can attract the guests by its wonderful designs, everyone wants to see their home the best ever, so give it some stunning touches.

1- Curtains: it’s normal to need the light of the sun that enters through the windows to add the vitality of the day to your home, so choose curtains that have light colors it will be better if the type of the cloth is soft in order to interact with the air

2- pillows: pillows have a special touch in the home decor especially in the living room, so it is nice to pick out those embossed and decorative pillows with consistent colors

3- White color: the white color is one of the most amazing colors that make a small room look bigger than they really look; it helps to make the accessories of the décor eye-catching

The importance of the elements of décor

The tables are one of the most important elements of decor that the designers attach importance to them, when it comes to designing in the interior decors, the sizes of them are large and eye-catching, plus sometimes they are the most important elements of the decor, such as the dining table in the dining room.

The designs of the tables and their types are multiple, the vitreous tables are the best and the most attractive whether these tables are fully made of glass or not, anyways, these tables add a beautiful touch to the places where they exist, they are available in a range of the modern designs that fit the modern decor,


The vitreous candlesticks of empty jars

Candlesticks are one of the decor elements that gives the place special elegance and it gives it a romantic touch, getting distinctive and elegant candlesticks is not a difficult thing, it doesn’t cost a lot of money,

You can make vitreous candlesticks of empty jars that look like the ones that are in the restaurants and hotels, but they will not cost you a lot, because you’re going to use cheap stuff and most of them are available in your home

When making vitreous candlesticks there are no special features or conditions that can be provided for the used jars, it can be of the transparent glass, it should be a suitable medium size,

Then the adhesive tape should be wrapped around the jar depending on the style you like the most, knowing that the width of the adhesive tape must be suitable for the size of the jar, you should leave some blank spaces between adhesive tapes.

To paint the wrapped adhesive tapes which are on the jars with adhesive, then begin to scatter glitter on them.

You can remove the more glitter by using a small soft brush and then brush it softly, not to remove the glitter which is on sides of the jar.

In the end, the adhesive tape is removed from the candlesticks to show us its final look. A transparent transverse line and parallel lines that is glossy with the glitter, so that it is ready to put candles or use for any other purpose, such as a desk or flower vase etc

The fifth step and the last one is how to make vitreous candlesticks is to add a candle with a suitable size and height for the jar so you can have a shiny candlestick and distinctive and it will be for sure a nice touch for any place where it exists


The beanbags shapes variation


The bean bag shapes variation

The beanbags have appeared in the recent days. They are not only for adults but also for babies and teenagers. Everybody likes beanbags for their comfort and their ability to relieve their pains. People started to used bean bags and replace their traditional furniture with them. Despite they are cheap pieces of furniture, they are known for their high-quality materials that take the shape of your body in order to support every single inch of it. They provide you with a comfortable feeling that makes you enjoy your time of relaxation and harmony.

bean bag family

What is bean bag made of?

A beanbag is made of a special fill of shredded memory foam and other high quality fills that are covered with different types of cloth. The cover is determined according to the people’s needs. Bean bags are comfortable pieces of modern furniture that have been created for giving you the perfect support for your neck, back, knees, legs, muscles, and even joints. They are able to relieve and reduce all of your pains that are caused by the tension and pressure of everyday life activities. Everyone can use them and get great benefits from them too.

Bean bags the practical pieces of modern furniture.

People use bean bags for their ability to fit any types of décor. They are made of different shapes, designs, and colors that match with your need. They are adorable pieces that can be used as a multi-function piece. They help you to save money and space. They are made of high-quality materials offered for the low cost. They can be used as many things at the same place which saves you space and gives you the feeling of wide space, even in the limited places or rooms.

They can be used at home, office, clubs, swimming pools, internet café, café shops, nurseries, play station shops, and so many other places. They are very useful and helpful at the places of gatherings and people that are made for children. Even babies can use bean bags instead of their beds, so you can ensure that your baby is well protected from falling down.

bean bags for kids

Bean bags are preferable.

People tend to buy bean bags and replace their normal furniture that is made of wood, steel, or even plastic. They are helpful and useful to those who suffer from many health problems such as neck pains and back pains; also wrong sitting posture that causes many problems and pains all over your body. The special fill of bean bags gives total support for your body. They can take the shape of your body curves which provides you with the support that you need in order to relieve and reduce your pains. They also help reducing headache problems that are caused by worrying, pressure, and depression as a result of hard working.

Bean bags shapes:

There are different types and shapes of beanbags. There are different colors for them too. The variety of the bean bags shapes opened so many choices in front of your, so you can choose what you really need, so bean bags are worth your money.

Here are so many shapes of the bean bags:

Classy shapes of bean bags:

Those shapes are characterized by their luxurious touch. They add luxury, tenderness, and elegance to your décor. You can use the bean bags that are made of fake fur covers; they add that beautiful and soft touch to your interior décor. They also match with any kinds of décor. They can be used for the reception room at home or at work.

Different crazy shapes of bean bags:

Those shapes are created. There are no limits to the creative process which create more new shapes every day to impress people. Those shapes are so adorable for kids. Kids love the crazy colorful shapes of bean bags. They have the ability to attract kids’ attention and make them love the place. Crazy bean bags shapes such as dounat, ice cream, cupcake, sandwich, and so many other shapes are recommended to be used at nurseries. They can make the children love the nursery and encourage them to come to the nursery regularly. They can also be used at hospitals for children rooms to give them a glimpse of glamour and the hope of healing quickly.

ben bag chair

Common bean bags shapes:

There are a variety of the common bean bag shapes. They can be used at home, clubs, café shops, and so many places. They fit the adults’ needs and preferable by most of the bean bags adult users:

·        According to size:

Large bean bag:

Those types of bean bags are recommended for adults’ usage. They are strong enough to take the weights of the adults. They contain them too and make them feel home. They support their bodies perfectly to ensure them the comfort they need to help them reduce their pains.

Extra large and double extra large bean bags:

They are preferable at clubs and internet café. They are preferable at the places that gather many people in order to take as many people as they could. They can be used at home also instead of the sofa to create an atmosphere of closeness among family members.

·        According to design:

 There are different designs for bean bags to fit each one’s special need.

Rounded shape:

It is the most common shape of bean bags. Most people prefer it for the comfort it gives and its ability o contain them very well and embrace their bodies perfectly.

Elongate large bean bag:

This kind of bean bag can be used at home or beside the swimming pools to enrich the feeling of relaxation and help people to spend a comfortable time while doing their favorite activities.

Bean bag chairs:

Beanbag chairs are very suitable for offices and as a reading chair to support your backbone and modify your sitting posture. It adds a magical touch to any place and fit perfectly with your décor.

slide noon bean bags

The importance of beanbags in the house


The importance of beanbags in the interior décor of the house

Beanbags are the phenomena and the latest trend of the modern décor. As for their ability to fit any types of décor and their flexibility, people changed to bean bags for many reasons; bean bags are used for medical treatment; people use them at home to relax and to relieve their pains; bean bags also fit as elegant decorative pieces. Bean bags are known as being magical pieces of furniture for their ability to be used as a multi-usage unique piece of furniture.

What is a beanbag?

Beanbags are types of furniture that could be used as a chair; sofa or even bed. It’s made of different cover materials such as cotton, microfiber, chamois, and velvet and leather; and filled with shredded memory foam granules; the foam granules have the ability to be shaped according to the shape of the body resting on them. Bean bags are those pieces of furniture which became very important pieces for our interior home decoration and for our health too.

The importance of beanbags:

bed bean bags

Bean bags medical importance:

  • Bean bags are used to help with some medical issues in order to create an atmosphere of relaxation, calmness, and peacefulness for patients.
  • Doctors started to replace the usual seats of their clinics in bean bags, because of the medical benefits of the bean bags.
  • Bean bags help people to reduce their pains such as neck pain, rounded shoulders, back bending. Bean bags are also used for identifying the sitting posture for those who sit for long hours at work or for studying.
  • The shredded memory foam takes the shape of your body which helps you to relieve the pains caused by the wrong sitting posture. Bean bags also help reducing headache; as the memory foam granules help to organize the blood flow which helps reducing headache.
  • Bean bags also help people to relax and enjoy their relaxation time; the special fill of the bean bag support your body perfectly; they help your muscles and joints relieving their pains caused by tension and pressure.
  • Bean bags are healthy and safe for the hyperactive kids; they are unbreakable and made of safe materials that keep your kids safe from getting hurt.

The importance of bean bags for décor:

  • Bean bags are used as decorative pieces. Besides their medical benefits, they are considered as modern decorative pieces that fit and match with any types of décor.
  • There are many shapes, designs and different colors of the bean bag; which make the bean bags used as specific pieces to match with your décor perfectly.
  • Bean bags flexibility characterized them as multi-usage pieces of furniture; as they add an aesthetic touch to your interior décor. They add life to your traditional furniture.
  • They also could be used as a main piece of furniture that helps you to relax. Bean bags add that touch of elegance and delightfulness to your house and your interior design.

The importance of bean bags at home:

  • Bean bags could be used as baby chairs and an adult’s chair, as there are different types of chairs and different sizes too to pick whatever it suits you.
  • Bean bags are made of high-quality materials that make it easy for you to clean it and keep it new. There are many cover materials for you to choose what is best for you and what serves your needs.
  • Bean bags could be used as a bed, sofa and as a chair for your living to enjoy reading while you are relaxing.
  • Bean bags are practical pieces and can be renewed so easily; all you have to do is to zip up the zipper and replace the old fill with a new one.
  • Bean bags are made of strong materials that cannot be ruined in a short time; they have the ability to live longer in case you kept it safe from the damaged reasons.

Bean bags important for the living room:

  • They could be used as chairs for reading.
  • They could be used as a laptop stand to ensure that the laptop is safe from falling or getting hit by anything.
  • Bean bags help people to relax and enjoy their time together, as they support the whole body and make it work properly which reduce your pains.
  • The beanbag chairs could be used as a specific place for reading to help you enjoy your reading time.
  • The double extra large bean bags could embrace the whole family members, so it helps family members to spend intimate time together and enjoy their relaxation too.

Bean bags importance for bedrooms:

  • In addition to the elegant touch that bean bags add to the room, they also work as practical pieces.
  • People started to replace beds with bean bags for their ability to support your body and help you to feel relaxed and comfortable while you’re sleeping.
  • Bean bags are used to put babies into sleep; as they are safe for your baby. They protect your baby from falling down because it keeps their heads up.
  • Bean bags are made of soft cover materials that are healthy for your skin and your baby’s skin too.
  • Bean bags are easy to be cleaned, so that makes them matches in your bedroom.

Bean bags importance for your balcony:

  • The different shapes and designs of the bean bags enabled us to use them in every single room and still look fabulous where they are.
  • They add an intimate touch to your balcony décor. A bean bag and romance lightening system on your balcony with some hot drinks and enjoy the most charming moments in your life that are full of peacefulness and relaxation.
  • They give you the comfort you need to enjoy the fresh air and nature around you.
  • They fulfill your balcony décor with life and make you feel delighted while you are relaxing.

The beanbag is a touch of glamour for your home


The beanbag is a touch of glamour for your interior design

Our home is the place for comfort, relaxation, and the intimacy. We spend our time sharing intimate moments with our family or partners; so it is important to pay attention to how it looks and even to the most specific details about it. It tells so much about you and your inner self. Considering that your home is the gate to your own world, so caring about its interior design and everything related is a very important mission.

Your home interior design tells too much about you.

You can add that dimension of joy and comfort to your interior design in order to reach perfection, and take your décor to a whole new level of peace and harmony. Beanbags add that feeling of comfort and peace to your life. They have been used lately as the dreaming pieces of furniture that could fit any kinds of décor and matches with the interior designs. That piece of furniture is representing the revolutionary trends in the world of modern décor.

Beanbags the lovely pieces of furniture.

Beanbags are very important pieces that help people with different dimensions. People started to change into beanbags usage for their ability to reduce their pains and for providing them with everything they need. They have the ability to change your mood totally; as they absorb your pains and negative feelings caused by the tension and pressure of everyday life. They also can modify your blood system flowing which help you with the headache problems. Their fill is made of memory foam or expanded polystyrene foam that supports your body and relieves all of your pains.

Portable pieces used in modern décor and interior designs.

Because of the light weight of the bean bags, people tend to use them for their portable features and their light weight; as they can move them easily from one place to another. Even children can move them easily. As for the movable features they can be used as potable pieces of decoration that serve in many places to get to the desired design. Those colored and delightful pieces which attract everyone who looks at them are used in the modern décor to add luxury to the interior designs.

Testing the Bean Bag

Interior designs reflect on people psychological state.

Since homes are the places that provide us with peace and comfort; then the interior design of the house has an unforgotten ability to affect people’s psychological state and reflects on the way they feel and act. Bean bags are affecting people’s feelings too. They have the ability to absorb the negative energy that causes you the pain all over your body; so they are able to change the whole psychological state by relieving your pains; that what makes them important pieces that you should add to your interior design, in order to provide you with comfort and relaxation; which reflects on the way you act and feel.

Add a glamorous glimpse to your interior design.

Beanbags are known for their ability to provide people around them with joy and delightfulness. They truly are a source of positive energy; as they are able to change your mood to the highest level easily; to do so, they support your body shape and curves professionally; that helps in organizing the blood system and affects its flowing smoothly. They make you feel that you are home and well embraced. The moment you add them to your interior design, you provide yourself with a glamorous glimpse that would turn your life upside down into the best. They help you feel comfortable and relaxed what makes you take your level of thinking into the next stage.

What does your bean bag tell about you?

Bean bags are those delightful pieces. They are loved by everyone. Having a bean bag as a piece of your interior design is giving an impression about you of optimism. They tell others that you are a challenged the person, a strong one, a life seeker, meditation lover. They tell others that you are fond of luxury, elegance, intimacy, and glamour. They also show the warmth of your heart and the deepness of your mind. If you are choosing the crazy designs of the bean bag, it shows you are bold one that is not afraid to get what you want, and you can go for an adventure with all of your power. If you chose the neutral colors and shapes, it shows that you are an accurate person who seeks for perfection; you are not an adventurer or a risky person; you are calm and interested in the quietness of your life.

How to use bean bags in the interior design?

The beanbags can be used instead of a sofa to improve the intimate moments of you and your partner; as it embraces you all and makes you all close to each other which increase the level of intimacy between you. You can use it as a reading chair to enjoy the comfortable time while you are reading. You can use it as a multi-usage piece for the laptop and tablets. You can use it as a decorative piece in the corners to add a delightful touch to your interior design. You should choose the colors that match with your interior décor colors in order to feel the smooth transition among the elements of the interior design.

Bean bags in bedrooms and kid’s bedrooms.

Since beanbags provide the comfort and relaxation, people started to use it instead of beds in bedrooms. They give you the opportunity to sleep deeply and help you to relax, so can spend a joyful time while sleeping. They also add a decorative touch to your kids’ bedroom, because there are many types and shapes that attract kid’s attention. Bean bags can be used as floor pillows for the sleepover parties. They are also practical pieces that your kids can use to practice their daily activities in a healthy way.

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