The importance of interior design and paintings

.The interior design (Decor) is one of the artistic and technical fields that decorates and organizes the visual elements in the interior spaces of furniture, materials, and accessories in order to create a unique aesthetic vision of these spaces, you can choose the look of the paintings you like the most, because they give an attractive look to your house, we got some information to share with you about paintings.


The importance of paintings

 Paintings add a special value to the place where it exists, you can choose the paintings according to a specific architectural system, or a school, at the same time, it can embody a fantastic work of art.

These things are the main reason that pushes us to go much deeper and learn how to choose a painting that can make us satisfied and it can be compatible with the culture of the place where it exists.

The interior design on the aesthetic aspect is based on concepts and the foundations of visual unity and perfection and consistency between all the designs, this consistency is achieved by carefully controlling all elements whether they are main or secondary or even complementary.

Where the size, color, and the material of each element are controlled, thus the selection of the painting and its color, dimensions, and the area are based on the rules and principals that organize everything that’s related to the paintings.

the relationship between art and design has occupied many critics, artists and especially the felid of interior design as there’s a competition between architects and artists and designers, the paintings have a special value in art, it can make your house look amazing than it recently looks without them.

 Focal Point

 There’s a basic point in interior design which is you may don’t know. There must be a focal point in every room of the house because it can give the rooms a nice touch.

What if you hang your favorite artwork above the fireplace mantel, or maybe you can hang your favorite artwork above your bed alternatively.

But it will be better if you hang all of them in your house. Because sometimes we feel like we want our house to be the best ever. So we keep searching for things that can make it look more beautiful.

 Sometimes we feel like one of most important things in choosing a piece of wall art is the size of it, it also depends on the space you have, don’t get a small artwork because it can easily be affected by the surrounding furniture.

Taking measurements of the wall space is one of the best things to do before buying any artwork because this will help you buy the suitable ones that can fit your wall spaces.


Get different sizes of paintings

You might think that the creation of all the art wall is equal, finding the different sizes of art wall are very good and it’s kind of diversity,

But the different sizes can be in many areas in your house not to spill over into each other. Remember when you get different sizes of paintings that will depend on the wall spaces as well.

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